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Goodbye Hong Kong: Young people look to flee amid extradition bill fury

Goodbye Hong Kong: Younger individuals look to flee amid extradition invoice fury

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  1. Young people are a resource. And they will flee places that aren’t progressing. Malignant leaders will wake up one day with no one but fools left to order around and society there will suffer.

  2. Well I’m never going to be able to afford property in Vancouver, at least before I had a very slight chance.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.hongkongfp.com/2019/06/29/goodbye-hong-kong-young-people-look-flee-amid-extradition-bill-fury/) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > Immigration consultants in Hong Kong have seen a dramatic surge in inquiries, especially from the young, after mass protests against an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to mainland China from the Asian financial hub for trial.

    > Millions of people have taken to the streets in recent weeks in some of the Chinese-ruled city's largest and most violent demonstrations in decades, forcing Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to suspend the bill indefinitely.

    > "Many people wouldn't consider Southeast Asia beforebut one client told me jokingly he thought that region was not very politically stable, but now Hong Kong is even more unstable," Chan said.

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  4. What about all of the protests weren’t they working?

  5. “F**k” -people looking to buy a house in Vancouver

  6. Taiwan’s about to get a population boost.

  7. Please come to the US, we always need ardent defenders of liberty and freedom, more than ever these days!

  8. Thanks for the newly freed real estate- China

  9. I’ve never met anyone from HK that didn’t have Canadian, or occasionally other, dual citizenship.

  10. The phrase is “Vote with your feet”

  11. Brains drain is what will result in the failure of many oppressive regimes in the age of the Internet. One way or the other, China will end up expediting their workforce issues as younger generations finally get fed up with this kind of shit.

  12. This is unfortunately very relatable to me. I have made this exact decision to leave HK and move to UK 3 years ago. The political outlook of HK, even at 3 years ago, is grim…

  13. If there’s only 28 years left of Hong Kong and it’s all going to shit after that, Surely it makes sense to start to seriously negotiate with the Chinese government to extend the 1C2S rule another hundred years, or a thousand years. Like the negotiations should be starting **now**.

    But in the midst of all this is the other problems that have turned up, the police force aren’t backing hong kong citizens, actively lying and going against their own policies. The hk government is so stubborn and authoritarian that they are ignoring the 2 million person protest on 16th of June. The HK gov twists and turns every event and words into whatever they like, dismissing what hk people want, defending China more than they defend HK. No one at the G20 is seriously discussing the situation of HK, sure the Japanese president mentioned it, but that’s about as far as it went.

    HK is too small in the global scale to be well preserved. In 2047 China will turn HK into a Chinese city, they will discontinue the hk’s law system, the hong kong dollar will be discontinued, they will introduce all the internet censorship, will introduce death penalty in hk, introduce the social credit system in hk, this is their most likely plan, as the years pass China is heading towards more restrictions, less freedoms, less rights, more censorship, etc. Currently HK is in the midst of a 50 year transition period from ex British colony to a tier 1 Chinese mainland city, although the CCP can’t change too much at the moment, they will slowly change whatever small things they can, to smoothen the transition in due time.

    The best thing to do now is to extend 1C2S rule for another long extended period of time, make demands to the HK government, make demands to the Chinese government. And at best we will see their responses and get to understand their thinking, if they’re on the same page. 28 years isn’t that long, you can get mortgages that are longer than that, during which you would expect to be living there but on the other end of that mortgage the city might be completely different with a whole other set of jurisdictions. That’s the other thing that is crazy, home prices are already the most expensive in the world in HK, but even if you do buy a home in HK, after that 30 year mortgage the city will have become like Shenzhen south, or Xianggang, and 90% of the freedoms and rights that HKers have will have vanished.

  14. They best flee before they become organ “donors” for the state.

  15. I mean the whole two systems thing will end around 2050, right? As an American, I hope my nation welcomes these folks.

  16. Hong Kong has already experienced multiple brain drains. The best students in the best universities in Hong Kong are often students from mainland China nowadays. Like it or not, a couple of decades down the road, it will be absorbed as just another big city in China.

  17. Men in Black Moment.

    The aliens are leaving the planet.

  18. After watching the Vice Report on the Uighur Camps in China.

    The Chinese are trying to make everyone the same. As long as anyone thinks differently, they will be held in camps and “re-educated” with torture.

    Sooner or later the Chinese will oppose their will upon Hong Kong, so I’d say Hong Kongers should flee, as long as they can.

  19. Please come to Australia young people of Hong Kong! Your skills will be so valued here and I promise you’ll love the lifestyle and everything else on offer

    I’m also really sorry about what’s happening.

    Edit: Cheers for the downvotes China / Reddit racists?

  20. Hong Kong! Was good to know you while you lasted.

  21. good,I guess Chinese gov doesn’t want them anyway

  22. I’m 19 and wish I could move out now, but I plan to move to Germany in a few years (after university and then getting savings).

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