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Google accesses huge trove of US patient data

Google accesses huge trove of US patient data

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  1. > In a blog, Google said its work with Ascension would adhere to industry-wide regulations, such as the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
    “To be clear… patient data cannot and will not be combined with any Google consumer data,” the firm added.

    Sure, you have our full trust

  2. This is so good for everyone’s privacy…. pretty soon there will be ads precisely tailored for your medical conditions, and pharmacy coupons mysteriously right when it’s refill time… All even though Google “promises” that consumer and medical data never cross.

  3. So this explains why Google acquired FitBit too

  4. We’re so fucked. Like its inevitable. Instead of the system growing to support humanity, we’ll be bent and twisted to support it.

  5. Companies of this size and reach need specialized government regulators overseeing and reporting on all their actions.

    They better come out with some valuable insights that can have a real positive impact on people’s health, rather than just their bottom line, otherwise we need to talk about breaking them up.

  6. Well it’s not like they already had a butt load of data on us, right?


  7. >Among the data the tech giant reportedly has access to under the deal are lab results, diagnoses, records of hospitalisation and dates of birth.

    I get there’s a ton of hate boners for google or any other powerful company, but AI needs data like this to drive innovation. AI will be used to diagnose patients quicker and more accurately than humans can.

    We all agree the healthcare system is broken, so why not use AI to help bring costs down? Google is one of the top companies for AI, so it makes sense.

  8. does not this how it works ?

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