Home / news / Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims: Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit.

Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims: Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit.

Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims: Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit.

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  1. Out of curiosity, does this mean that the app gets uninstalled on devices where it was already downloaded?

  2. I’d love they did the same thing for the thousands of trojan viruses masked as cute games in Google Play.

  3. Why isn’t Google doing something? Part of my job is programming and after I’ve found my router and modem to be infected with GhostDNS malware I found that it was because of some “games” my daughter downloaded on the play store.

    Since Android APK’s are easily de compiled I’ve found half of the games she had on her tablet contained malware that scanned the network for vulnerabilities and exploited them, ive even reported them to Google but they didn’t do jack sh-t.

    Even ESET antivirus for Android flagged most of those games.

  4. Damn those Liberal Gay Democrat Reptiles and their illuminati group.

  5. How Alex Jones helped Trump to get elected, and why Trump called him to thank him for his help.


    Donald Trump appearing on Inforwars with Alex Jones.



    I can’t believe how many people have forgotten this. To make things worse, Trump at one time would call Alex Jones to let him know what conspiracy theories to push. It’s a crazy world.


  6. Now if they do the same thing for the anti-VAX misinformation we might get somewhere.

  7. Alex Jones, that fraudster who claimed Sandy Hook was fake. Dead kids. Do people really still listen to him?

    I mean EVER is bad enough, but STILL?

  8. This is the same asshole who called sandy hook a hoax. Fuck this clown. He spreads so much misinformation that the uneducated masses end up believing. Google and Apple can do what the hell they want with their AppStore – they are companies.

  9. Alex Jones is truly a nutjob. I always thought he was doing this outlandish character for the money that it was making but he continuously oversteps the bounds of all human decency and it hurts him financially.

  10. TIL dropping a product from your own store is considered censorship.

  11. Its these small things in life that make me happy.

  12. alex jones should be in jail, the amount of disinformation he is spreading is a crime to the very least

  13. Can the same thing happen to fox or Breitbart?

  14. Germany reaches their climate goals for 2020. Air pollution in Italy falls by 40%. And now this.

    Maybe, in a few years, we’ll look back to this time and say “That’s when we managed to turn things around for the better”.

  15. Oh no! Where would I get my gay frog news now? Thank you Obama

  16. Good riddance what a freak

  17. “finally”, so much for journalistic objectivity

  18. poor Alex Jones…all those sandy hook child actors probably are to blame..they must have colluded with all the gay frogs to make this happen..poor guy

  19. Alex, just start a church and you can say all the crazy bullshit you want and people will be too afraid to say a word about it.

  20. Alex Jones needs to crawl back under whatever rock hit him in the head.

  21. People seem confused, this isn’t censorship. You’re not entitled to a platform to speak

  22. Fuck infowars but what is stopping tech companies from censoring media and information that protrays them unfavourably.

  23. Ha ha ha!! Fuck Alex Jones and his shit!

  24. It’s crazy to see the groupthink shift back and forth. Whenever there’s any news about a social media giant doing something scummy, the comments are almost universally condemning them:

    > “They’re sociopathically self-interested and can’t be trusted to act in the public’s best interest!”

    > “They’re leaving up posts about [dangerous radical ideology], they probably secretly agree with it!”

    > “They’re trying to game the system and get away with everything!”

    But the moment they do something like this, the tone of comments suddenly shift:

    > “The first amendment only applies to the government, it’s not censorship here.”

    > “They’re a private company, they can do what they want.”

    > “If you don’t like it, then go make your own social media site.”

    So either social media megacorporations are dangerous and manipulative oligopolies with crypto-fascist leaders who need to be kept under close watch, or they deserve to be able to deplatform whoever the fuck they want for whatever reason and nobody has the right to complain. Which one is it?

  25. Damn right. Good. It’s about time.

  26. do they do the same to evangelical tv preachers doing the exact same thing? They seem to just be allowed to continue without recourse.

  27. Is Twitter going to get banned, too?

  28. Compliance QA tester here.

    Apple’s app compliance guidelines are extremely strict when it comes to the type of content that’s being placed on their app store.

    Google’s compliance is more in the technical side of things and their teams usually relax their own laws to let smaller devs publish apps.


    Apple compliance: Book of law.

    Google compliance : playboy magazine

    Edit: grammar

  29. Can’t he just be arrested for spreading misleading information that could lead to someone’s death? It’s not free speech if it directly endangers others.

  30. There is a price to pay for free speech when the voice is a cunt like Alex Jones

  31. Quarantining is just for viruses

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