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Google is funding climate change denialism

Google is funding local weather change denialism

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  1. > “We sponsor organizations from across the political spectrum that advocate for strong technology policies,” the Google spokesperson told Earther. “We’ve been extremely clear that Google’s sponsorship doesn’t mean that we endorse that organization’s entire agenda—we may disagree strongly on some issues. Our position on climate change is similarly clear. Since 2007, we have operated as a carbon neutral company and for the second year in a row, we reached 100% renewable energy for our global operations.”

    We just like lobbyism, you know? As long as you don’t fuck with us making money we don’t give a shit about your morals.

  2. Companies actively trying to kill us.

  3. The organizations they’re funding that do this sort of things are basically of two kinds:

    * All-purpose defense of businesses against people and democracy
    * Libertarians

    Of course the latter are pretty much just the more ideologically-minded version of the former. Both of them engage in climate change denial, since it is an inconvenient problem for both businesses and the anarcho-capitalist philosophy of libertarianism.

    But if you look at the document – they’re funding something like 300 different lobbying organizations, including identity politics lobbying, advertisement lobbying, libertarian lobbying, sustainability lobbying, and so on and so forth.

  4. Because Google realizes what Facebook and Twitter figured out:

    There’s money in conflict and profit in polarization.

  5. Use search engine ecosia :). It’s a search engine that helps plant trees.

  6. Use ECOSIA https://www.ecosia.org/
    One more reason to do it! It’s an engine search which plant trees every 45 searches- look it up it’s legit

  7. Dear Liberals, the rich and the corporations are not your friends

  8. This shouldn’t be news to anyone who uses Google’s services. If your just finding out now I suggest you start educating yourself on not just Google but all tech giants and those businesses that stand to lose the most from the world changing for the betterment of humanity.

  9. Fuck Google! I left them years ago. Firefox & Duckduckgo ftw

  10. Apple removed an app in China : 80k+ upvotes and outrage
    Google funds climate change denialism : 2k upvotes
    Reddit as always focusing on the stuff that matters

  11. Google and Facebook are money-making machines. They were designed to broadcast advertising, that is biased information. Fake news are their realm. They don’t care about truth or ethics.

  12. Creepy company doing creepy things

  13. “Do Evil” because we’re big enough to get away with it now is the new Google motto.

  14. Wow- glad I use nothing google
    Edit: shit I just realised I use chrome on my MacBook because safari is terrible

  15. Of course it is, do you have any clue how much power a single google datacenter sucks up? Investments in renewables are entirely for their *savings* not for our benefit.

  16. I wonder if this will hurt their upcoming sales for Stadia

  17. Even more climate change propaganda from The Guar….wait Gizmodo??

    >A report from the [Guardian](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/oct/11/google-contributions-climate-change-deniers) published Friday revealed that the tech company is contributing to more than a dozen organizations that have questioned the need for action or pushed back against climate regulations and legislation.


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