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Google ordered to reveal dentist’s bad reviewer

Google ordered to reveal dentist’s bad reviewer

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  1. I had this issue once after attending a dodgy dentist in central London. They called me and offered me a refund if I took down my negative review. I accepted it because I was broke and it was expensive, but I really wish I hadn’t as they should’ve been shut down.

  2. Really messed up if the customer gets sued for a bad encounter that they reviewed. Literally goes against freedom of speech. If the reviewer wasn’t a customer then that’s another story.

    Feel like i need to sharpen my pitch fork

  3. I am a manager for a retail chain and my pay is based on how my specific location does. People leave bad reviews for other locations at my store because they can’t be bothered to check if it’s the correct one. This hurts my location and my pay. I’m all for free speech but hiding behind a user name is different when it can impact people that weren’t the cause.

    Once the person is identified they will be able to see if they were even a client. If it happened the review should stay.

  4. Can we fix Amazon reviews, please? Soo many fake reviews, and crap products from knockoff “companies”.

  5. How dare that person criticize a company online. He hurt those rich peoples feelings and cost them 2% of their annual growth. He should be sued a crippling amount of money for having an opinion online.

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