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Green Party leader calls for decriminalization of drugs across Canada

Inexperienced Social gathering chief requires decriminalization of medication throughout Canada

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  1. Here’s a quick overview of the Portuguese drug policy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_policy_of_Portugal

    We decriminalized all drugs in 2001 and it has been very effective in reducing related HIV infections, increasing treatment adherence, reducing drug related crime and deaths, among other things.

    All drugs are still illegal, though. Decriminalization and legalization are completely different things.

  2. I believe the decriminalization would apply to drug usage, not drug distribution.

    This could actually make it easier to prosecute dealers since it allows addicts to come forward for help which would also tip police off to the networks.

  3. Should be followed up with how to treat the addicted.

    Edit: how to who

  4. Great idea. Proven to work. Will not happen here for decades.

  5. Elizabeth May has a good head on her shoulders. IMO it’s a shame they aren’t more widely supported. First-Past-The-post is oppressive in this way. A lot of people I know would vote green but thanks to FPTP they see a vote for the Green party as a wasted vote.

  6. Don’t decriminalize – Have government make the drugs itself.

    Decriminalization preserves all of the problems with the war on drugs EXCEPT for the problem of using jails to try and cure addicts. That’s good. But when you decriminalize you will get more users which will make the supply side crimes and violence and issues even worse.

    What we should do is have the government make the drugs (a trivial task) and then give them to addicts for free. That’s right – free. No more smashed car windows so a junky could steal 50 cents. People can have all the free drugs they want on two conditions. 1) they take these drugs at a government run safe injection site where they have to stay until they come down. and 2) every time they get a dose they have a 15 second conversation with a social worker.

  7. Smarter then the green party of sweden who helped to vote through a tax on solar energy.

  8. This should have been the move on top of legalizing cannabis.

  9. It’s gonna happen here eventually, IMO, ala Portugal. Hopefully sooner than later. Not sure if the Greens are gonna be able to actually make it happen in the near future, but still, good on them for introducing this topic into the mainstream discussion.

  10. She’s a wingnut and should only be getting votes on the Island. Not even the aboriginals like here because they loveeee money

  11. Yes! Finally. Enough with bullshit jail terms that ruin families. Substance use is a medical issue. Never should have been a legal issue. Ask the question why people use drugs in the first place rather than looking at the drug use. People are miserable and so they use drugs to cope. Address the misery, not the coping strategy.

  12. This is the only thing that will stop deaths and allow people to function/ contribute to society.

  13. I could see a liberal government considering this as well, but I highly doubt a conservative government would even consider the notion, hell if I’m not mistaken the last conservative government was opposed to the legalization of weed.

  14. Well seeing as people literally do heroin openly on the streets of Vancouver anyways I dont know what they hope to accomplish with this law. More drug users?

  15. Elizabeth May is a crackpot who nobody with a few working brain cells takes seriously. So, while this is a good idea, it’s been rendered irrelevant as a proposal by all her other nonsense.

  16. I don’t know if decriminalizing all drugs is the best idea. I agree with the parties stance, drug users will use anyway and giving them access to safe drugs and using the tax proceeds to fund the treatment of addicts is something I can get behind but there are some, more dangerous drugs that see less usage than others cause of the greater number of negative stereotypes associated with them and the relative difficulty in obtaining them and making them mainstream and easily accessible may be a bad idea.

  17. That’s how you willingly incentivize people to fall into drug-addition traps, increase healthcare costs, misery, accidents, crime and destroys the nations health. Legalizing drug substances has never and will never be the optimal solution when people are involved.

  18. This really only further polarizes a huge part of the conservative population against your party. The elephant in the room is that political power is gained by drawing people under your tent. Conservatives do it by appealing to people’s worst prejudices. I don’t like this as a political strategy. It really only splits Liberals away, which makes it easier for the despicable right to get elected. The Greens should stick to their unique message and force the Liberals into the conversation about the environment.

  19. Nice try May but you still not gonna get any votes.

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