1. It’s just gonna accelerate, and once the ice is gone there’s almost no chance of it being set right within the span of human lifetimes… hell, within a million years since the replenishment rate of the ice sheet is so slow under normal conditions much less with a global climate catastrophe.

    I would not be surprised if the Greenland ice sheet were gone by 2050, jumping world sea levels by +5m

  2. As a millennial I take no responsibility for the climate. It is the people aged 40 and above who let the oil companies keep the average motor vehicle above 2000cc and horribly inefficient for many years.

    Its the over 40s who did nothing when manufacturing started destroying the air – they allowed it to be sent to China, instead of cleaned up.

    Also the global system of subsidising small packets from China has led to billions of items travelling 6000 miles, as cheaper to buy from China.

    And now the old people want to yell about how we need to save the planet. Sure we can get to that but after a giant public enquiry as to how many people before having kids is just putting a burden on an overloaded system.

  3. The *maximum daily rate* we saw this year matched what we expect to be the *yearly average rate* in 2070. We’re not actually 50 years ahead of schedule.

    There are plenty of non-misleading ways to put this in a headline that doesn’t give ammo to deniers for the article being sensationalist or misleading, such as “largest melt day ever” or “melting faster than projections”.

  4. All according to plan. Rich people are putting themselves in place to establish the new order. Poor people, unable to sustain themselves in the ressource wars that will soon follow, will disappear.

    I have no kids, no car, no AC, buying only what I need to survive and nothing superfluous. Did my part, gonna die of old age before all of this unfolds.

  5. “See?! These scientists can’t predict shit! All their predictions have been inaccurate so why would we believe them when they say climate change is real, man-made, and an immediate threat to human civilization as we know it? Amirite people?!”

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