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Greta Thunberg says virus shows world can ‘act fast’ on crises

Greta Thunberg says virus shows world can ‘act fast’ on crises

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  1. But only if the crisis has an impact of the worlds economics system. If not…no money.

  2. If only we listened to scientists on the topic of climate change as much as we listen to doctors on the topic of coronavirus.

  3. It’s true. We have the means to manage and contain virus. We have way better research facilities, advanced labs, etc. We just need full cooperation from governments. Competent governments that is

  4. Need a new virus that kills only corrupt politicians, they will go Sonic scrambling for their lives

  5. If the virus only kills poor people, no one would care.

  6. Been out of the headlines, huh?

  7. Damn, I was about to make a showerthoughts post about this

  8. So Greta is an expert but n pandemics now too. Well then I’m a French model.

  9. We can see that for ourselves. They are sheep. Duh.

  10. Greta hasn’t been the focus of attention for a couple weeks. Somebody had to yank her cord to see if she still works.

  11. 30,000 people die each day of hunger and we do nothing. Why, because it’s not using up hospital resources. Guess that’s not a crisis. What a joke to give accolades to governments for responding to this “crisis”.

  12. I still don’t understand why she is so popular or there then being a meme at this point. Either you like her or you don’t and I don’t feel like anything she says is actually changing in minds that didn’t already think like hers

  13. Global warming is horrible, but man is it fucking annoying to see political activists use thousands of deaths as a “I told you so” moment for a completely different cause.

  14. It’s comical to watch how these economy-over-environment retarded hillbillies whine about everything Greta says and does.

  15. I reckon this virus may just take away my child hood dreams, how dare it…..actually just realized Im 55 years old.

  16. Does she have an off switch?

  17. couple minutes ago I was reading a thread on world news about greta thinberg that how she may have corona , now she says world acting fast on crises .

  18. …now’s not the time Greta. Good point, good message, but now’s really not the time.

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