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Greta Thunberg tells world leaders to end fossil fuel ‘madness’

Greta Thunberg tells world leaders to end fossil fuel ‘madness’

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  1. I love gas cars and hybrids but what you lose in fossil fuel use will start depleting another source. We need to find a way to embrace solar on a massive scale.

  2. I feel like a big thing we could do is not buy so much shit. We have clothes we’ve never worn, waste 40% of the food we buy, and every new season we buy home decor and whatnot to keep up with the latest trends. These products are made with energy from fossil fuels and shipped across the world in C02-creating trucks and ships. Consumerism, not just energy production and transport, is at the root of climate change.

    A pair of shoes alone can create 45kg of carbon, and the fashion industry is the 3rd most environmentally destructive. I’ve tried to buy almost nothing new if I can and embraced minimalism, and I hope more people do so.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jan/10/greta-thunberg-tells-world-leaders-to-end-fossil-fuel-madness) reduced by 82%. (I’m a bot)
    > Greta Thunberg and fellow youth climate campaigners are demanding that global leaders immediately end the "Madness" of huge ongoing investments in fossil fuel exploration and enormous subsidies for coal, oil and gas use.

    > The 21 young activists are also calling on the political and business leaders who will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos to ensure investment funds dump their holdings in fossil fuel companies.

    > Since the Paris climate agreement in 2015, the world's largest investment banks have provided more than $700bn to fossil fuel companies to develop new projects, with the total investment estimated to be trillions of dollars.

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  4. Greta should spend more time coming up with compelling strategies to get off oil instead of virtue signalling…

  5. On todays episode of uneducated and enraged:

  6. How long until people don’t care about her and recognize that she is repeating the same thing over and over? We get it Greta. We have gotten it. The fact you are reiterating it doesn’t make us get it more.

  7. Greta was 2019. Its 2020

    We’re on the Ross & Rachel timeline of war with Iran.

    Sorry Greta, you old news now.

  8. Yeah that’s not going to happen, sorry young lady. America is trying to find cleaner ways to use our fossil fuels, natural gases, and coal, but they are not trying to stop using them.

    I read a journal article on clean combustion of coal using an oxygen saturated steam stream, seemed cool and would make coal combustion considerably cleaner. That’s about the best you can ask for from us.

  9. She said what she had to say, it would be nice if we, the rest of the humans on this planet, can let her fifteen minutes of fame run out so she can grow up like a normal person.

    At this rate she’s going to burn out, and end up going crazy like every other child that grows up on the world stage

  10. Quick Dick McDick has some feedback from the farmer’s perspective https://youtu.be/aIG9ozEDPVg

  11. 70% of carbon emissions are from 3rd world countries. complaining to 1st world countries about the issue is just feel good politics https://www.cgdev.org/media/developing-countries-are-responsible-63-percent-current-carbon-emissions

  12. Great, as if world leaders don’t screw us enough already by listening to greedy bankers, military industrial complex stake holders and other weirdos. They need to start listening to infantile children with mental disabilities and mass media induced savior complexes as well.

    Why can’t they start listening to professionals for once instead?




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