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Gunman opens fire in deadly attack at German synagogue

Gunman opens fireplace in lethal assault at German synagogue

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  2. Not coincidentally – today just happens to be Yom Kippur

  3. [Some more information:](https://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/halle/halle/schuesse-hauptbahnhof-halle-100.html)

    >There was a shooting in Halle on Wednesday. According to police, **two people were killed in the Paulus district**. The perpetrator then apparently fled towards Ludwig-Wucherer-Straße. Apparently there was also a shooting there. The Paulus quarter was sealed off by the police. According to Abellio, the main station has also been closed. Meanwhile, the police have issued a second danger report for Landsberg. Residents are asked not to leave their apartments and houses.

    >It’s unclear where the culprit is now. The police are asking for residents to stay in their homes. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator wore combat suits and was armed with several weapons.

    >**There is also a synagogue in the Paul quarter. Whether there is a connection to the crime is still unclear.**

    >Meanwhile, the police announced that there were not one but **several perpetrators**. They were on the run with a vehicle.

    /edit: **Update 2:13 pm local time**

    * Police are reporting an arrest
    * Shots have also been fired in Landsberg, about 15 kilometres east of Halle. The police confirmed this without giving any further details.
    [Source: Tagesschau.de](https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/schiesserei-halle-saale-101.html)

    /edit **Update 2:32 pm**

    >An eyewitness reports that a perpetrator attempted to enter the Jewish cemetery. The perpetrator shot at the door several times with a shotgun and a machine gun. The local resident said this in a video interview with Radio Brocken and the DPA. A girl who came from the tram stop fell victim to the perpetrator. The man was wearing protective clothing with a helmet. He also threw grenades under the cemetery door.
    [Source: MDR Liveticker](https://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/ticker-schiesserei-halle-100.html)

    /edit **Update 2:51 pm**

    The [link](https://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/ticker-schiesserei-halle-100.html) from the update before has pictures and a video from the attack now. ~~The first picture shows a victim covered with a blanket so ***NSFW***.~~ Has been removed.

    /edit **Update 3:12 pm**

    [Spiegel Online reports:](https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/sachsen-anhalt-schuesse-in-halle-mindestens-zwei-tote-a-1290701.html)
    >According to police, a man had previously been shot dead in a food shop in Halle, a woman in Humboldtstraße near the cemetery. […]

    >A suspect apparently tried to invade the synagogue in the Paulus quarter. Max Privorozki, the chairman of the Jewish community in Halle, confirmed the incident to SPIEGEL. “Currently there are 70 to 80 people in the synagogue”, Privorotzki said.

    >The security measures at the entrance have “withstood the attack,” he continued.

    /edit **Update 4 pm**

    >According to the news agency dpa, two injured persons are being treated at the University Hospital in Halle after the deadly shots. “One patient has gunshot wounds and is currently undergoing surgery,” said hospital spokesman Jens Müller. He was unable to provide any information on the identity of the injured persons, including whether they were men or women. ([Source](https://www.zeit.de/gesellschaft/zeitgeschehen/2019-10/halle-saale-schuesse-synagoge-tote-live?liveblog._id=urn:newsml:localhost:2019-10-09T15:56:54.343534:1262da2e-e4e8-4c80-bc82-7845fca03786__editorial))

    /edit **Update 4:08 pm**
    >A spokeswoman for the Federal Attorney General told the Protestant Press Service that there was **sufficient evidence for a possible right-wing extremist background to the crime**. This was supported by all the circumstances. That is the reason for [taking over the] investigations by the Federal Attorney General. ([Source](https://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/ticker-schiesserei-halle-100.html))

    /edit **Update 5:45 pm**
    At the moment there isn’t much new to report. Police forces of the surrounding states have set up patrols on highways and are looking for suspects. The focus of the local police is on a town near Halle:
    >Apparently Wiedersdorf is the focus of the police at Landsberg. The access road to the district has been closed off. Shots had also been fired in the village before, as a police spokeswoman from Halle confirmed. At first she did not want to say anything about the circumstances of the incident in the village east of Halle.

    >Several police personnel vehicles as well as two ambulances were on site. According to a dpa reporter, a helicopter of the federal police landed on a field near Wiedersdorf around 16:00 hrs. Source: MDR

    Also [a video](https://www.mdr.de/sachsen-anhalt/video-344300_zc-3cab68a5_zs-e4873e5f.html) of one of the perpetrators shooting at police has been released. Thanks /u/Dealric

    /edit **Update 6:45 pm**
    >Police assume a lone perpetrator
    According to information from MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT, the investigators are now certain that not several perpetrators were involved in the attack. However, there is no official confirmation of this from the lead Attorney General’s Office yet.

    Also [Police Halle tweets](https://twitter.com/Polizei_HAL/status/1181966703032442880):
    >The danger for the population is no longer classified as acute. We are still with strong forces in this area. You can go back outside, the warnings have been lifted.

    /edit **Update 6:55 pm**
    >**Attack in Halle – Perpetrator suspected to be 27-year-old German**

    >[According to SPIEGEL](https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/halle-hinweise-auf-rechtsextremes-motiv-taeter-soll-ein-27-jaehriger-deutscher-sein-a-1290772.html), the 27-year-old German Stephan B. is responsible for the attack on the Jewish community in Halle. Evidence points to a right-wing extremist motive – and to a single perpetrator.

    >In the case of the attack on the Jewish community in Halle, new details become known: According to SPIEGEL information, the alleged perpetrator is 27-year-old Stephan B. from Saxony-Anhalt. The investigators have now received a video which the assassin apparently recorded with the help of a helmet camera. The film shows B. shooting a passer-by near the Jewish cemetery and a guest in a kebab bistro near the synagogue.

    >The video provides clear indications of an anti-Semitic and extreme right-wing motif. For example, the perpetrator repeatedly complains about “Jews” and “Kanaks”. According to information from SPIEGEL, B. was not known to the police before.

  4. This happened on my street. They attacked my favorite kebab shop. Holy shit, man…

  5. [A second shooting is being reported](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-synagogue-shooting-latest-live-today-dead-grenade-shooter-a9148811.html)

    Edit – a third shooting is also being reported, apparently the gunman opened fire into a kebab shop

    Edit 2- [someone managed to get a photo of the shooter, ](http://imgur.com/gallery/FmHarRk)he seems to wearing some kind of military outfit. I can’t really tell

  6. Wow 80 ppl inside the synagogue and the attackers were not able to get thorugh security messures. Thats lucky.

  7. Ah fuck, not again.

    And they chose the Jewish holiest day of the year to do it too. Today is Yom Kippur.

  8. The synagogue that was attacked has camera footage of the incident. They just told the news that it shows the attacker in front of the entrance shooting at the door. The video has not been released yet.

    What’s known so far:
    – two people dead
    – two people hospitalized with gunshots
    – one attacker in custody
    – in nearby city Landsberg more gunshots where reported, situation unclear

  9. GSG9 is being moved to Halle/Saale.

    For anybody who doesn’t know the GSG9 (Grenzschutz Gruppe 9). It is *THE* German counter terrorist force.

    If they come into play shit is *really* hitting the fan.

    Because there is no alternative left after them when it comes to German police forces.

    (Inb4 no the KSK of the Bundeswehr wouldn’t be an option. Army forces are not allowed to act against a civilian threat in Germany)

  10. What the fuck is wrong with people.. it’s so easy to just chill and mind your own business and not go around shooting people like a retard..

  11. Happened 10 mins from my office. Skies are filled with helicopters, streets with ambulances. Looking at videos and pictures on news sites and i’m honestly a little frightened.

    this is insane.

  12. Anyone seen the video of the gunman with the helmet shooting from behind the car? What the hell is he shooting, a musket?? Black powder muzzle loader? The thing blasts out a smokescreen with each shot and he spends several seconds reloading every shot.

    Edit for video link:


  13. Update: The state attorney suspects a right wing terrorist attack.

  14. Why does everyone hate Jewish people so much?

  15. Horrible to see as a young Jewish man living in Western Europe. Just horrible.

  16. Far-Right terrorism is becoming bigger. I hate the world we live in

  17. My girlfriend just moved to Halle recently, she was going to spend the day hanging around town and exploring. Thank God she didn’t, now.

    Horrible goings on today…

  18. Pardon my ignorance but can someone explain to me the motivation for these attacks on synagogues? Why are people angry with Jews in Europe/America?

  19. Police have evidence of a right wing Motive.

  20. the overwhelming majority of attacks against German Jews are by native German neo-nazis, typically between 90%-98%, this is likely the case here

  21. The only important thing right now is, that maybe one shooter is still not caught by the police.

  22. On Yom Kippur. This is deliberately devastating.

  23. On Yom Kippur. This is deliberately devastating.

  24. Ah fuck. It’s Yom Kippur today as well.

  25. OK, the shooter is an “anon” who says that feminism is responsible for blah blah blah, what is up with these people taking edgy memes as their personal life philosophy?

  26. Spread love and positivity wherever you can. We are all humans trying to figure life out. Laugh more, complain less. Be the change you want.

  27. I remember reading about another terror attack in Germany like yesterday or the day before? Then the thread I’d been on seemed to have disappeared when I looked again. Something tells me this story will stay up.

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