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Harmony is not achieved by force, and aggression against Islam creates terror

The International Union of Muslim Scholars affirmed that those convinced of Islam are increasing every day, “it is not in a crisis, but rather the crisis in ignorance of its principles and facts, and hatred for him and his nation, as it is a crisis of understanding and a crisis of morals.”

This came in a statement by the Federation in response to statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, in which he claimed that the Islamic religion is going through a crisis all over the world today.

The statement said that the problem facing Islam lies in the double standards and Islamophobia, “and in a handful of those who were made by occupiers and colonialists to rule Muslim countries.”

The Federation affirmed that such unjustified attacks and permitting attacks on the sanctities of Islam under the guise of freedom “are what make terrorism and religious racism, and prevent peaceful coexistence based on respect for all religions and their privacy.”

The situation of Muslims in France

The statement commented on the conditions of Muslims in France, and asked about the fate of freedom there, “if secularism forces Muslims to sign and force the secular pact.”

He said, “Harmony is not made by force, integration cannot be achieved by coercion, and coexistence will not be formed by coercion, marginalization and restriction of the freedoms and rights of others, but rather it is achieved through justice, equality, responsible freedoms and the provision of equality for all without any discrimination on the basis of race or religion.”

The statement clarified that Muslims – with the exception of a handful made by international and regional intelligence – believe in respecting laws and abiding by contracts, covenants and charters, on the basis of their religion, stressing that they believe in all common human principles and the rules of peaceful coexistence as long as everyone’s freedoms are respected.

He stressed that these repeated attacks on Islam hurt the feelings of one billion and 700 million Muslims, and “they only fit with the medieval thought that pushed Europe into a religious crusade war, which Sultan Saladin called the Frankish war, and said that it is not a war of the cross but an economic and exploitative war, and our master.” Christ, peace be upon him, is innocent of it because he is the leader of tolerance and love. “

He added that Muslims today suffer from hegemony and arrogance and the fight against Islam, and they feel injustice and oppression from the old occupation that France had the lion’s share of, and its armies in Africa are still guarding the plunder of wealth and supporting the corrupt tyrannical regimes.

The Union called on Macron to rise above these racial conflicts (Reuters)

Talk to Macron

The Union directed his speech to Macron, “We call on you and your likes to rise above these racial conflicts, we call on you to common principles, to peaceful coexistence, to freedoms for all, to positive integration based on respect for the privacy of every nation, religion and color.”

He called for the serious pursuit of achieving a just peace and providing security and safety for all instead of war and stirring up conflicts, tendencies and racism, “which are oil on the fires of sedition, problems and calamities.”

The French President had said that Islam today is experiencing a crisis everywhere in the world, and that France must confront what he described as Islamic isolationism that seeks to establish a parallel system and to deny the French Republic.

In a speech in western Paris, Macron announced his policies against what he called “Islamic militancy, which takes violence as its approach.”

The French President proposed a bill against “emotional separation” with the aim of “combating those who employ religion to question the values ​​of the Republic,” which is considered a targeting of the Muslim community in particular.

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