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Have the makers of “Wonder Woman” forgotten how to make a movie?

The movie “Wonder Woman 1984” (Wonder Woman 1984) was finally released by Betty Genghis and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, who presented the first part of the film in 2017, but unlike the desire of the DC film studio, which wanted to present a series of films with heroes Wonderful superheroes, the film disappointed in a way that no one expected.

The film scored only 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 5.5 on IMDb, which failed in both critical and popular terms, but where did all this frustration come from?

A rickety superhero world


The 1984 superwoman movie belongs to the DC superhero movie series, which captures the most important comics or comic book characters such as Batman, Superman, Flash and others, however Warner has proven that the names of the prominent characters are not enough to deserve success.

With the film after the other, the series presented very superficial works, bearing all the defects of superhero films, from the fragility of presentation and problems in the script, and the flatness of the characters, and it also lacked the advantages of this type of films, including excitement, strength and visual effects.

The movie revolves around the superwoman who arrived in 1984 after her overwhelming success in World War II, and she became familiar with the new society, and was able to accept modern technology and get a good job that suits her, but all that changes when the FBI finds a mysterious stone that gives whoever touches it a security of its own. And the matter evolves until the stone reaches the hand of the failed businessman Maxwell Lord, who decides to merge with the stone and himself becomes a tool capable of changing the reality of the world.

The focus points of the movie’s story can be easily identified, as it takes place in the era of the eighties, and here we have a human villain, but he carries an amazing ability, with a secondary character who accidentally acquires the abilities of the superwoman, and in the presence of two characters bearing the characteristics of the anti-hero, it was expected that we would find a struggle of good and evil stronger But the filmmakers approached the idea in a superficial and cartoonish way.

Unlike the Marvel movie series, which carried evil characters the size of Thanos, the bad characters in DC movies always invite laughter and ridicule more than fear, and Maxwell Lord in this movie is a person who deserves the viewers’ pity not their anxiety, and even his strange strength and effects that are supposed to suggest danger did not Do that.

The worst visual effect ever

One of the most important strengths in superhero films is the visual effects, as this cinematic genre has regained its brilliance after a long fading due to the development of these effects and the introduction of new technologies that increased visual dazzle, and indeed in the last decade comics or comics adapted from comic stories have become the highest budget in Hollywood every year and is also the most paid-for thanks to these tricks that earn on the big screen the irresistible wow factor.

Although the movie Superwoman 1984 had a budget of 200 million dollars, its visual effects were very poor, and the filmmakers used ancient techniques that showed outdated tricks such as jumps in the air that seem completely unworthy of a movie in the 21st century, which consequently lost the film more Stir it up.

Where’s google?

One of the most popular scenes circulated by social media pioneers from the movie The Superwoman is the one that took place in Egypt in the eighties, where the country and people’s clothes appeared as if they date back to the eighties of the eighteenth century rather than the twentieth, in an illogical way, especially that we are facing a very close historical period With a little search on Google, filmmakers can find hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of this historical stage and how Egypt looked during it.

But this ignorant approach is consistent with the manifestations of lightness and flatness that portrayed the era of the eighties in the entire film, the film devoted attention to the clothes of Diana Prince, the heroine of the film, which indicates the era without paying any attention to American popular culture in this important period of time, or highlighting any influence of it. In the events. As a result of all these reasons, the film appeared, a random act that was produced in a hurry, although it was postponed more than once due to the Corona pandemic, and then it took more time than necessary.

Despite the material loss he achieved with revenues that did not exceed $ 131 million against a budget of $ 200 million, and the many negative reviews on him, Betty Jenghis and Gal Gadot actually got a third chance in this series, as it was announced that an upcoming part of the film will be produced this time on Today, however, no dates have been set for its filming or showing.

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