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He accused the US administration of blackmailing Sudan … Sadiq al-Mahdi warns the government against normalization

The head of the Umma Party in Sudan, Sadiq al-Mahdi, warned the transitional government against taking a decision to normalize relations with Israel so that the country would not enter into controversial positions, as he put it, at a time when the US administration offered Khartoum to remove it from the terrorism list in exchange for establishing relations with Tel Aviv.

In a seminar on the dangers of normalization with Israel, Al-Mahdi called on the government to stop what he called contacts and uncontrolled journeys towards normalization, accusing the United States of offering a blackmailing deal to Sudan, which is normalization with Israel, in exchange for removing it from the American list of states sponsoring terrorism.

He said that Sudan, according to the popular revolution – which removed the regime of former President Omar al-Bashir from power – deserves to be removed from that list.

These statements came at a time when Foreign Policy magazine revealed that the United States, in cooperation with the UAE and Israel, had offered Sudan financial aid in exchange for the normalization of its relations with Tel Aviv.

The head of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, said today – in his speech during the National Economic Conference in Khartoum – that the Sudanese have an opportunity to raise the name of their country from the list of terrorism, stressing the importance of seizing this opportunity to reform the economic system and get out of the crises it is going through.

For his part, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said that the issue of normalization with Israel requires a deep societal discussion and consultation regarding it, noting that he asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to separate the path of removing Sudan from the list of terrorism and the path of normalization with Israel, as it includes many complications.

Reuters quoted 3 sources, which it described as well-informed, that Sudan faces, despite more than a year of negotiations, a new obstacle to removing its name from the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which is its demand to normalize relations with Tel Aviv.

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