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He is 63 years old and his ideology may solve the mystery … US authorities reveal the identity of the Nashville bombing agent

Local authorities in Tennessee said on Sunday that the man who detonated a car bomb in Nashville on Christmas morning died in the bombing, adding that they had no reason to believe anyone else was involved in the accident.

The authorities in Tennessee, a central US state, did not specify the motive behind the bombing, and said they could not yet comment whether the incident was domestic terrorism, as they were still trying to determine the suspect’s motives for committing his act. And 3 people were injured in the bombing, and their condition is not serious.

Port identity

“We reached the conclusion that a person named Anthony Warner was the bomber. He was present when the bomb exploded and was killed,” said US Attorney General Donald Cochran, who is leading the case.

Authorities said Warner, 63, was identified through a DNA match between materials at the scene and items provided by family members.

The police received a stream of information from citizens, which may have helped speed up the investigation and determine the identity of the bomber.

Warner detonated the car just before dawn on Friday, and it contained a loud audio recording that he said would detonate within 15 minutes. Police arrived at the scene after news of the shooting.

The authorities say that thanks to a police officer who quickly evacuated the area shortly before the explosion, the accident did not result in any more casualties.

No other threats

Earlier Sunday, investigators searched a house in a suburb of Nashville, as part of extensive investigations to uncover who was behind the bombing, and while the hypothesis of the suicide attack was being examined, the authorities confirmed that there were no other threats.

Amid tight security measures, a team of investigators from various federal agencies and the Nashville city police searched a house located in the suburb of Antioch (15 km southeast of the area where the car exploded on Friday morning).

And American media reported that the house belongs to a person of interest to the ongoing investigations, and it is believed that he is the owner of the car used in the bombing.

For his part, the Republican Representative from Tennessee John Rose described the bombing that rocked Nashville on Christmas Day as a tragedy.

In an interview with Fox News, Rose said that the state authorities are conducting a thorough investigation, and that they have good evidence of the truth of the accident.

Rose called for a state of emergency to be declared in Nashville, and for federal aid to arrive in the city as soon as possible.

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