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He is throwing stones out of the window

Despite losing a new lawsuit in Pennsylvania, US President Donald Trump on Sunday showed no sign of abandoning his ongoing efforts to nullify the presidential election result, even as Democratic President-elect Joe Biden moves forward with planning his next administration.

Trump said in a tweet that what his investigators found of violations was enough to turn the results in at least 4 states, and then win the elections.

Trump asked why Joe Biden was so quick to choose his ministerial team, while special investigators found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, calling on the judiciary and state legislatures to do what he called ensuring the integrity of the elections, and the United States itself.

In another tweet, Trump added that Republican observers were not allowed to monitor the hundreds of thousands of votes cast in the election.

Since Biden was declared winning two weeks ago, Trump has filed a flurry of lawsuits and has lobbied massively to prevent states from certifying election results.

Critics, including Democrats and some Republicans, accuse Trump of trying to undermine confidence in the US electoral system and delegitimize Biden’s victory by promoting false allegations of widespread voter fraud. Biden is due to take office on January 20.

Trump called on his supporters to fight in order to show the election fraud, as he believes (Anatolia)

Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday morning, “Fight hard, Republicans,” confirming his unfounded account of election fraud.

So far, his attempts in the courts to thwart the certification processes have failed in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona.

Federal judge Matthew Bran, a Republican nominated by former President Barack Obama, on Saturday rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit aimed at disqualifying millions of votes cast in the mail in Pennsylvania.

The judge who issued the ruling described the case as “baseless legal arguments and accusations based on speculation.”

Some of Trump’s fellow Republicans in Congress began to close around him, although he still receives support from many of them, especially prominent members.

Michigan Republican Representative Fred Upton told CNN that voters have said their word and there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

Republican Senator Pat Tommy also stated that the ruling “exhausted all possible legal options” for Trump in Pennsylvania, and called on the president to “accept the election result.” He also congratulated Tommy Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, describing them as “dedicated government employees.”

Earlier, Liz Cheney, a member of the House Republican leadership team, called on Trump to immediately provide evidence of widespread manipulation of the vote, or else he should respect “the sanctity of our electoral process.”

For Trump to have any hope of remaining in the White House, he must overcome Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania of 81,000 votes. Trump’s mandate in 2016 is due to start ratifying results on Monday.

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton – in an interview with CNN – expressed his concerns about what President Trump might do during the transitional period, likening the president’s behavior to what the rioters are doing in the streets.

“I think Biden will be sworn in (on January 20), and I think the real question now is how much damage Trump can do before that,” Bolton added.

“Trump is now throwing stones out of the window,” Bolton said, “and this, I believe, is the political equivalent of street rioters.”

In the opposite camp, Ron Klein, who was appointed by Biden as White House chief of staff, said on Sunday that the president-elect will announce on Tuesday the first members of his administration.

“You will see the first appointments of the government of the president-elect next Tuesday,” Klein told ABC, without specifying the relevant portfolios or some names, adding, “We should wait for the president-elect to do so himself Tuesday.”

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