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He pledged to activate the Defense Production Act … Biden attacks Trump’s plan and talks about his program to eliminate Corona


US President-elect Joe Biden launched a harsh attack on outgoing President Donald Trump’s handling of the Corona pandemic, describing the mechanism for administering the vaccine as a failure, and at the same time he spoke to Americans about the features of his program to confront the epidemic, after taking office on January 20.

Biden said that Trump’s plan to distribute the emerging anti-virus vaccine (Covid-19) was not sufficient, and was not progressing as it should, noting that it had failed to achieve its goals.

In a speech last night, Biden added, “If the vaccination program continues at the current pace, it will take years to vaccinate the American people.”

He pointed out that the Trump administration was saying that 20 million Americans would be vaccinated by the end of December, “and now the month is about to end, and only a few million have been vaccinated.”

Biden warned that the next few weeks and months will be very difficult for the American people, and it may be the most difficult period for the epidemic, as he put it.

Biden explained that the average daily death rate in the United States is approximately 2,200 cases, indicating that they expect death rates to increase in the next January and February after the holiday season.

Biden pledged to vaccinate more than 100 million Americans during his first 100 days in office, and that he would make the vaccine available to all Americans.

Defensive Production Law
Biden confirmed that he would resort to the Defense Production Act, which dates back to the period of the Korean War, to force private companies to ramp up vaccine production for the benefit of the government.

Biden said, “We will work to establish vaccination sites and send mobile units to remote communities,” adding that he will make sure “vaccines are distributed fairly, so that everyone can obtain them, regardless of their skin color and where they live.”

The US President-elect stressed that if the necessary measures are taken into consideration during the next few weeks, it is possible to save the lives of between 60 and 100,000 citizens, calling on Americans to wear masks.

He pointed out that he would impose wearing masks in areas where the federal government has jurisdiction, such as airplanes.

He is confident of returning to normal life in 2021, but not immediately.

“We may not see improvement until we enter next March, because it will take time for our plan to confront Covid-19 to make tangible progress,” he said.

The United States recorded 19.5 million infections, and more than 337 thousand deaths, due to the Corona virus, making it the country most affected by the epidemic in the world.

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