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He wants to sell their homes .. The Egyptians are revolting against Sisi

The episode (9/25/2020) of the program “Above the Power” dealt with its topics with the following headings: How will Hell be that Michel Aoun talked about? Macron calls Erdogan, who he described as a flounder. They are revolting against Sisi who wants to sell them their homes.

It also dealt with what (Algerian President Abdel Majid) Tebboune said: Algeria is on the Palestine line and does not bless normalization. Beware of hyena, you may lose your jobs in Jordan.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi says that some of those whom Egypt helped, for 100 years or more, are now working to demolish it. Analyzes abounded about this sentence, and it was not known who was meant by this speech. Was Sisi referring to Turkey? The Ottoman Caliphate was the upper hand, and if he meant Gulf states, most of them were not independent 100 years ago.

But should analysts always subject all of Sisi’s words to analysis? The presenter of the program follows, “Two words of love they say and say, and President Sisi has a further look, as he seeks to transform the republic into an office to secure job opportunities abroad for Egyptian youth.”

Sisi leave? It is possible that all Egyptians will leave and Sisi will remain alone in Egypt because he is not just a person, he is a project of geographical, demographic, anthropological and sociological change supported by the opinion of many.

Egyptians, angered by the bitterness of living, and those who demolished their homes if they did not pay their taxes, or in other words, they had to buy their homes a new time from Sisi.

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