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He warned of a “black winter” due to Corona … Biden promises vaccinations free of charge for everyone if he wins the elections

The Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, Joe Biden, pledged yesterday to provide a vaccine against the emerging corona virus for free “for everyone” if he wins the elections, and Biden had warned in the election debate with his rival Donald Trump of a “black winter” in America due to the continuing outbreak of the disease.

In an election speech in Delaware, western America, Biden reviewed his plan to fight the virus, 11 days before the election date, and explained that “once a safe and effective vaccine is available, it must be available free of charge to everyone, whether they have health insurance or not.”

The Republican candidate, Trump, in turn, also stressed that the vaccine should be provided free of charge, and promised the Americans that a vaccine would soon be launched against the emerging corona virus, and President Trump accused his rival Biden of intimidating Americans from Corona in order to push them to vote for him.

Record injuries

According to a Reuters statistics, the United States broke its record for the number of new daily infections with the Coronavirus yesterday, Friday, as it recorded nearly 84,000 new cases due to the outbreak of the disease in almost all regions of the country.

Biden – who was Vice President Barack Obama – accused his opponent Trump of not having a plan to confront Corona, and said, “We have been in this crisis for about 8 months, and the President has not yet had a plan.” And abandoned America. “

The emerging disease – which first appeared in China last December – has killed 224,000 in America, and the number of infected has exceeded 8.5 million.

During the last debate with Trump last Thursday, Biden predicted that the United States would face a bleak winter due to the pandemic, adding, “There is not a single serious scientist in the world who thinks that” Covid-19 “will disappear soon.” And Trump responded, “We are fighting it (the virus) very firmly. He added that the readiness of an anti-disease vaccine would be announced in the coming weeks, without specifying a date for that.

Biden measures

The Democratic candidate said that once he comes to power, he will call on Congress in particular to vote on a bill to finance the fight against the Corona virus, and will impose the placing of masks in federal buildings and interstate transportation.

On Friday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly called on travelers and employees on board planes, trains, metros, taxis and buses to wear masks to prevent the further spread of infection.

The White House has previously rejected calls by US health experts to make wearing masks on transportation mandatory.

Estimates of a simulated study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington showed that Covid-19 deaths in the United States may exceed half a million by the end of next February, but the lives of about 130,000 of them could be saved if everyone committed to wearing masks, according to the same study.

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