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He was quadriplegic .. An Israeli soldier shoots a Palestinian in the neck from a distance of zero


On Friday, a Palestinian youth was quadriplegic, when an Israeli soldier opened fire at him from close range, in the southern occupied West Bank.

In a brief statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that a young man was hit in the neck by Israeli bullets and arrived at Yatta Governmental Hospital, south of the occupied city of Hebron. The ministry described the injury of the young man as “critical.”

And it added in a later statement that the bullet hit “the nerves and the spine, and led to his quadriplegia.”

For his part, activist Fuad Al-Amor, coordinator of the (non-governmental) Protection and Resilience Committees, told Anadolu Agency that the young Harun Abu Aram, 24, was hit from close range by bullets from the occupation.

Al-Amor indicated that the bullet penetrated Abu Aram’s neck, and exited from the opposite side, due to the proximity of its firing distance.

He explained that the young man was trying to prevent the Israeli forces from confiscating construction equipment in front of his house, in the Masafer Yatta area (southern West Bank).

A video recording showed Palestinian citizens trying to prevent the occupation soldiers from confiscating an electrical generator, and in an instant, the sound of bullets was heard that hit Abu Aram.

Al-Amor added that the occupation soldiers fired 19 bullets, one of which hit Haroun in a sensitive and dangerous area, as it entered and exited the neck area.

He stated that the injured was transferred to Yatta Governmental Hospital, then to the Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron, and now he is under intensive care and suffers from swelling.

In the context, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned the occupation crime against the young man, Abu Aram.

The ministry said, “This crime reflects the racist, fascist mentality that controls the joints of government in the occupation state.”

The Ministry called on the UN Human Rights Council to form an international investigation committee into the crime, stressing the need for the International Criminal Court to assume its responsibility for this.

The Foreign Ministry also called on the UN Security Council to provide international protection for the Palestinian people.

The Israeli occupation authorities prevent any change of land in Area “C” in the West Bank from building and reclamation without obtaining a special permit from it.

The Israeli army continuously demolishes Palestinian homes in the area under the pretext of “building without a permit,” as well as confiscates any equipment used in construction, and arrests or fires at anyone who objects to this.

According to the second “Oslo” agreement signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in 1995, the West Bank was divided into 3 areas: (A) under Palestinian control, and (B) under Israeli security and Palestinian control, in addition to Area (C) which is under full Israeli control. It is estimated at 61 percent of the West Bank.

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