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Hemedti raises controversy in Sudan .. Khartoum seeks to build relations with Israel without fear of anyone

The Sudanese communication platforms were crowded with hashtags in the name of Muhammad Hamdan Hemedti, Vice President of the Transitional Council, as well as the mark of normalization and other hashtags that carried the contrast of Sudanese views of the relationship with Israel.

Nashratkm (3/10/2020) followed the Sudanese debate on the platforms, which was sparked by Hemedti’s statements, in which he said that Khartoum seeks to build relations with Israel without fear of anyone, stressing that Sudan is talking about relations, not normalization, he said.

Hemedti’s statements prompted activist Muhammad Al Abdullah to ask in his tweet about Sudan’s interest in peace with Israel, “What are the interests that the countries that printed with Israel achieved in order to achieve Sudan?”

As for Raghda Jadif, she attacked what she described as the Sovereign Council’s failure to provide relief to the Sudanese in the recent floods compared to its enthusiasm to go to peace with Israel. She wrote, “Good Sudanese group, my friend and praise, we did not hear you and we did not see your courage and courage in helping our people in Sudan during the floods that drowned them and drowned their dreams, but The step of normalization You went out bragging and saying that you will be normalized and not fear anyone !! Please the path is open to you and to others, and permissible for you. “

But the singer Abdul Hamid Qutb saw in Hemedti’s statements another view. He wrote, “Today, Hemedti presented his credentials as President of Sudan by announcing the proceeding with normalization with the Zionist entity.”

On the other hand, and in the context of support for Hemeti’s statements, activist Tariq Abbas tweeted in support of Hemedti’s statements, saying, “Greetings to the leader, Hemedti, and Sudan is always the country of the free people and the master of his decision, and normalization will contribute to erasing the very bad effects of the era of Al-Bashir’s rule. Sudan lived free and dear.”

In the same context, Munther Al-Silawi said, “Thank you, Zoul, for the frankness. You have really turned your interests into something better than someone else.”

It is noteworthy that the White House witnessed the holding of a ceremony for the signing of the agreements of normalization of the UAE and Bahrain with Israel, in the presence of US President Donald Trump, the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the UAE and the Israeli Prime Minister, in addition to US administration officials.

In turn, the head of the sovereign council in Sudan, Abdel Fattah Burhan, stressed during the economic conference that his country has an opportunity that must be seized to get out of Sudan’s political and economic crises, in reference to peace with Israel.

The proof had sparked controversy in Sudan several months ago, after he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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