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Hemedti wants peace with Israel .. Does he represent the opinion of all Sudanese?

The leader of the “Sudan Call” coalition, Fathi Nuri, challenged the advocates of establishing peace with Israel to dare to call the Sudanese to a referendum on this matter, stressing that they view these calls as a betrayal of their history and revolution.

Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti) had confirmed in recent press statements that Sudan is continuing to establish relations with Israel, and that he does not fear anyone, justifying this by the country’s desire to get rid of its economic and political problems, and to benefit from the progress and development that Israel has reached.

However, Nuri saw that Hemedti’s statements do not represent the Sudanese people who won for the Palestinian cause, not for “the eyes of the Palestinians,” but for the sake of Sudan’s dignity and the defense of its just causes.

Nuri added in statements to the “Beyond the News” program in his episode on (03/10/2020) that the Sudanese carried out their last revolution and overthrew the regime of Omar Al-Bashir because they refused the continuation of the religious state, wondering, “How can they now accept the establishment of a Jewish religious state in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque?” ? “.

However, the editor-in-chief of the Sudanese daily Al-Sayhah, Al-Taher Al-Satti, stressed that Hemedti represents the sovereign council, as well as the Defense and Security Council and the Safety Council, all of which are concerned with Sudan’s strategic security. Therefore, it is the right of these councils to discuss the peace and war decision in the country, and to take whatever it deems appropriate for Sudan’s interest. .

Sati rejected opinions that the Sudanese government refuses to establish peace with Israel, or that all forces of freedom and change are against this peace, indicating that the government said that it is not within its authority to discuss this matter during the transitional period.

He stressed that many of the youth forces in Sudan that carried out the recent revolution support peace and want to establish a relationship with Israel, and for Sudan to stand at the same distance from everyone, in order to achieve its own interests, stop adopting other people’s issues and pay high prices for its economy and security.

He said that Sudan paid a heavy price for its support of the Palestinian cause, and that was one of the reasons for placing it on the US list of countries supporting terrorism.

But Nouri rejected these justifications advanced by supporters of peace with Israel, and stressed that Sudan is able to overcome all its economic problems if it applies wise policies by managing its resources and exploiting them, indicating that the abundance of these resources makes Sudan a food basket for all Arabs.

He stressed that had it not been for the corruption of the successive administrations in Sudan, the situation of the country would not have reached it today, stressing at the same time his conviction that some are keen to fabricate economic crises in Sudan, to force the people to consider accepting options that are considered to him as a wide red line that cannot be crossed, no matter what. The price.

In turn, the Palestinian writer and analyst Muhammad Hawash emphasized that what Hemedti and some political forces are calling for represents a betrayal of the history of the Sudanese people, before it was a stab in the back of the Palestinians.

Hawwash said that the great calamity is that the United States, Israel or the UAE have not made big promises to the Sudanese to improve their economy if they establish peace with Israel, including achieving economic prosperity, canceling debts and removing Sudan from the list of terrorism.

Hawwash talked about the role the United Arab Emirates is playing in dragging Sudan into the list of printers with Israel, stressing that the Palestinians reject all the justifications offered by the Arab advocates of normalization, and their claim that this is in the interest of the cause and the Palestinian people, and said that the Palestinians will not accept that anyone bargains over their right.

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