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‘Hero’ doctor becomes first working NHS surgeon to die from coronavirus in UK

‘Hero’ doctor becomes first working NHS surgeon to die from coronavirus in UK

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  2. The selflessness of doctors and nurses across the world is truly the height of human bravery and sacrifice. Hope their family’s are rightly supported for such heroic feats

  3. >An organ transplant consultant who volunteered on the frontline to conquer the coronavirus pandemic has become the first working NHS surgeon to die from the virus in the UK.

    >Adil El Tayar, who has been hailed a “hero” on social media, dedicated his life to carrying out vital life-saving operations around the world.
    The 63-year-old Sudanese doctor, whose career spanned from south London to Saudi Arabia , died on 25 March at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth in west London.

    >Britain’s Ambassador to Sudan and his family have paid tribute to the father-of-four who went into hospital on 20 March where he was placed on a ventilator after his health deteriorated.

    >“It had taken just 12 days for Adil to go from a seemingly fit and capable doctor working in a busy hospital to lying in a hospital morgue.”

  4. Am I the only one angry that these people with years of experience, these people with families are dying because politicians didn’t take this seriously, didn’t sufficiently stock PPE ahead of time and delayed their response by weeks?

    It’s not enough to call them heroes. They should never have had to die.

  5. Well fuck. I really can’t believe there are people out there still acting like this isn’t something to be concerned about while people are dropping dead left and right.

  6. Every time we have a *hero* doctor that dies because of lack of personal protection equipment, we lose decades of training and knowledge, besides the cost of human life.

    Maybe we shouldn’t have *heroes* but well equipped doctors that will not get infected on the job.

  7. We’re losing the best among us here

  8. The doctor was Sudanese: remember that the next time some racist fuck tries to talk you into the idea that immigrants in the UK are a bad thing.

  9. Why is ‘hero’ in quotation marks? He’s not a ‘hero’, he’s a Hero!

  10. Damn, it’s way too soon for the UK to be losing medical personnel already. I wonder, are they already low in PPE?

  11. Thank everyone who voted torry for the last 20 years. You all are complicit in gutting the NHS

  12. you are only named hero if you die

  13. My quarantined house is now very clean but I still managed to get some dust in my eye

  14. Doctors, nurses and other front line medical providers: PLEASE GET ENOUGH SLEEP – this is a marathon not a sprint.

  15. Any place doctors and nurses are being forced to work without proper protection, they need to just go on strike. None of them should die because their government failed them.

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