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Hi I’m Alasdair Sandford. I’ve been reporting on Brexit for Euronews since the beginning of the saga – and now it’s actually happening. AMA!

I’m Alasdair Sandford, a journalist with Euronews where I write for its digital output, and appear on-screen as a reporter, analyst and presenter for Euronews World and its programmes Good Morning Europe, Euronews Now and Euronews Tonight.

I’m a UK and now also a French citizen, having lived in France for 20 years, and speak French fluently. I’ve been working for Euronews at our base in Lyon since 2010.

I cover a wide range of international affairs – but for the past few years I’ve closely followed Brexit and the rollercoaster ride since the UK’s EU referendum in 2016.

Three and a half years later the UK is finally leaving the European entity it joined nearly half a century ago. Little will change in practice for now, but it’s a hugely symbolic moment: the first time the EU has lost a member, and for the UK a major step into the unknown.

Like many people I’ve been alternately gripped, amazed, shocked, occasionally bored and more often baffled by the saga’s endless twists and turns. And we can be sure there’s plenty more to come! The UK and the EU will soon embark on a race to determine their future relationship.

Ultimately this is about people’s lives and livelihoods. I add to Euronews’ regular coverage with the latest developments and by trying to [explain the issues](https://www.euronews.com/2019/11/01/brexit-draft-deal-first-of-many-hurdles-to-a-smooth-exit) and the impact the rule changes will have.

I particularly enjoyed exploring the historical background to the divorce – which I turned into [a series based on song titles](https://www.euronews.com/2016/06/23/the-uk-and-the-eu-part-1-je-t-aime-moi-non-plus).

Covering it all is a major challenge as a journalist, a former European law student – and also from a personal point of view, given my attachment to both sides of the English Channel. After all, Brexit affects me!

I look forward to trying to answer every question you might have. AMA on Brexit Day, what the divorce deal means, what happens next, the UK’s relationship with Europe… or anything you might ask yourself about Brexit!

Edit: That’s it for me guys! Thank you for all these interesting questions! Have a nice evening!


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  1. What kind of economic consequences may Brexit bring after the end of the transition period? The EU has lost a part of its market, bad for Germany esp., yet the UK lost the biggest consumer market on earth. How can the UK compensate, besides Treaties with the EU, aka Member in all but name.

  2. This is probably going to be a bit different from the other questions, but:

    Both as a journalist and as an individual, how would you say Brexit has impacted you professionally and personally?

  3. Hi! Do you think Scotland and Northern Ireland will now become Independent of the UK?

  4. How do you believe this will all be perceived ten years from now?

  5. Do you think this will impact any student debts for EU citizens who took the student loan to study in the UK?

  6. Do you think that Brexit is a Russian job?

  7. Now that it’s actually happening, what are you going to be reporting on next?

  8. If we try being optimistic here, are there any good things for Britain that will come out of Brexit?

  9. How do people seem to feel about today. Is the general mood truly celebratory or is it more of “Thank God, it’s over”?

  10. Hello,

    Did Theresa May get a fair shake?

    How did this current deal differ from the deals she offered and was rejected after voting?

  11. Will anything actually change tomorrow?

  12. How long do you think it will take to undo the damage, both economically and politically that Brexit has wrecked on the country?

    And do you think we’ll rejoin the bloc within 20 years?

  13. Are the Consrvatives and Brexiteers really just celebrating declaring Sanctions upon themselves ?

  14. Now that UK is not in EU – I presume the UK media will report about EU more than ever – since EU rules will affect production and trade etc -that UK often (de facto) will have to more or less follow.

  15. Did you study European Law as a module on the LLB or a separate course?

  16. In retrospective, what was the sentiment that started all of this? Why there was a vote in first place? Current political objectives for Brexit remains aligned with the sentiment that started all of this?

  17. What will happen to EU in terms of power balance? Britain seemed like a needed third point of support between France and Germany.

    Are we to expect some shifts in EU strategies now that UK interests are no longer as relevant as they were?

  18. How would this affect other countries outside of Europe?

  19. What is in your mind the *real* beginning of Brexit? I’ve heard the refugee crisis, the east enlargement and even the Maastricht treaty as starting points. What is your view?

  20. How cooperative can we expect the EU to be in the post Brexit negotiations? How about the UK? Will the demonization of the EU by the UK government come with a push back from Europe?

  21. Can you sum up how Brexit came to be?

  22. It seems like a very British thing that after the initial Brexit celebrations, over the following weeks and months the media will invariably pivot towards highlighting all the “unanticipated” negative consequences of Brexit. It also seems like a very British thing that even in the face of grave consequences, the public at large (and certainly politicians) will not admit that Brexit was a mistake.

    Do you think that there will be a time when Britain seriously regrets leaving the EU? If yes, how many years would you wager that this could take?

  23. What’s it like to talk about Brexit. From a pro european perspective? Are you more biased to more pro european view. Or are you able to stay mostly unbiased.

  24. With Brexit roughly 15 minutes away why is Brexit not on the front page of Reddit?

  25. Why would Brexit be a bad thing for Europe or Britain ? Tons of countries are living outside of the EU. I mean sure there are some “commodities” that would be lost on both sides, but it can’t be super bad either. UK is strong and don’t need Europe as much as some.

    Also, what is your opinion on breaking a referendum (and so, ignoring the voice of the people). From what I see, if that had ever happened, then it would allow any government to ignore any public vote.

  26. Do you think that there will be a deal with Europe where the UK gains more than it loses?

  27. Thank you for doing the AMA here on r/worldnews.

    Is Brexit good or bad for the U.S. and why?

  28. I get the feeling that Brexit will be celebrated in Britain when it happens. And that afterwards, the reality of the situation will set in and Britain will not like what they voted for.

    What is the general consensus among reporters? Do they get the feeling of “Oh my god, what have we done?”?

  29. > the controversial Irish “**backstop**” … is scrapped.
    >The backstop’s removal means this arrangement will no longer happen. Under the revised deal, Northern Ireland will leave the EU’s **customs union** with the rest of the UK, which wants to pursue an independent trade policy. But in practice it would follow EU customs rules and be subject to EU oversight.
    >The North will remain aligned with some aspects of the EU’s **single market** — and apply EU law on VAT (Value Added Tax) rules.
    >Customs and regulatory checks will not be carried out on the island of Ireland, but at ports — effectively creating a new regulatory divide in the Irish Sea.
    >The agreement has similarities with an original EU proposal for a Northern Ireland-only backstop — which was rejected by Theresa May’s government — but is more complex, and has one key difference in that legally, Northern Ireland will be in the UK customs union.

    How is this going to impact business in Northern Ireland? They’ll conform to the regulations of the EU, but be in a Customs Union with the U.K., and there will be checks at all the ports of the island of Ireland (the land mass)?

    Am I reading that right? Sounds like a huge headache for the Irish and anyone who wants to do business with them.

  30. What are your personal views of Brexit? Do you support it?

  31. Hi Alasdair, what was the most unexpected outcome of Brexit? Both before and after the vote took place?

  32. The BBC reported that Brexit would happen at midnight on the 31st January. Now, surely that was this morning? Its 11pm tonight, which is midnight Brussels time on the 1st February.

  33. Brexit saddens me greatly, and I realize this is a super broad question, but the one I just keep repeating in my head is… Why?

    I still don’t understand, after all the things that turned out not to be true in the initial campaign, people still so adamantly want Brexit. As a Belgian from just across the channel, I genuinely thought we got along.
    What’s your personal view on it, and.. what do you think would have had to change for Britain to vote remain?

  34. The Scots just made their intention known to hold another UK referendum. How likely do you think it is that a) this referendum will happen and b) that Scotland will leave the UK and remain in the EU?

  35. Asking as an American who lost track of this, can you tell us what the likely fallout of the deal will be? I assume the deal didn’t magically get better for Britain since May was in office, so… what, they’re just going to go ahead anyway?

  36. 1. What happens to British citizens with EU citizenship and/or passport? Do they get to keep them?

    2. How much “sovereignty” or control will the UK actually gain back?

    3. It’s been said that [the UK will owe the EU quite a lot of money.](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/eonyxu/brexit_will_soon_have_cost_the_uk_more_than_all/) How true are these claims and could the UK ever manage such bills?

  37. Do you think any part of the UK(like Scotland) could join Canada, and allow Canada the legal right to join the EU?

  38. Is brexit just in time for when NCOV proliferates in other parts of europe?

  39. What do you think the societal repercussions will be for the UK? Such as violence, devaluation of currency, civil unrest, etc.

  40. What do we do now truth is dead?

  41. Who do you think is happier about this turn off events: China or Russia?

    On a more serious note, how did the Conservatives win by such a landslide when so much of the population was against Brexit? Was it voter apathy?

  42. What do you believe are the Royal Family’s opinions on Brexit?

  43. Do you think the trend of increased net migration to the UK will continue after Brexit, with non-EU immigration replacing EU immigration to an even higher degree than [in recent years](https://i.imgur.com/mujYM5a.png)?

    And if that is the case, could the larger share in non-EU immigrants lead to new rifts in British politics like the resurgence of a far-right party that captures those voters who voted for Brexit to stop immigration and feel deceived now?

  44. we finally kicked you out of the european union, good riddance. We need to build a fence around your island to keep the ~~white english people from going out~~ immigrants from coming into your country.

    Yeah here’s a question for you, how long until your next refendum when you come back begging to us to join EU? Oh wait didn’t you already had a rally of 1mil + people last year saying that they want to brexit cancelled?

    Now scotland has another referendum, they’re gonna exit, then northern ireland, and the united kingdom will be nothing but you and the sheep farmers in wales.

    Have fun with your independence.

  45. Who’s worse off right now, Europe or the UK?

    Also, how much do you think brexit will have an impact of stability of the EU

  46. Hi Alasdair, thanks for the AMA. I have been following Brexit for a long time, but kinda lost interest after Boris won the election. So I have a few questions, mostly based on what was pointed out as problematic earlier on before Brexit was definitely going to happen.

    A year ago (or so), reports mentioned that a hard Brexit could mean trouble at the French – UK border, with trucks building up and the possibility of supplies getting scarce in the UK. is what we are getting now a hard Brexit like the one people envisioned during that time and has this problem been resolved?

    How do you think the Brexit will impact the EU-UK supply chain?

    What is the situation at the Irish-UK border now? Did they resolve this problem or has is been pushed into the future? What does this mean for the current Brexit and the ‘hard Brexit’ people in the UK apparently want from their government?

    Last but not least; there’s been a lot of reports of mis-information affecting the votes of Brexit and the later votes for the general election. I’ve heard people talking about the Murdock media being a large problem in this – even going as far as calling it propaganda. How do you view this? Is the problem as severe as we are led to believe in the EU and is there any way to prevent this problem becoming worse in future elections?

  47. What trade deals are expected to come of this, and has the UK already prepared for a lot of the expected changes in that regard?

    And will CANZUK now be further promoted?

  48. How are markets reacting to this change?

    How will this affect Eur to Usd?

  49. What do you think will happen to the UK Supreme Court after brexit?

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