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High technology .. Turkish excellence earns the confidence of the world

The Turkish Statistics Institute data shows an upward growth in the share of high-tech products – or what is known as “high-tech” – in Turkey’s total merchandise exports over the past few years.

The figures of the Institute of Statistics (governmental) indicated that the share of high-tech products in total exports amounted to 3.4% in the first eight months of this year, compared to 3.2% from the same period last year.

The rate of increase was also 3.2% last August, compared to 3% in the same month last year, as Turkish exporters continued to increase the share of high-tech products in total exports.

Turkey provides incentives and support – including tax cuts and insurance premiums – to companies active in producing high technology, and in return, it contributes to reducing imports.

High added value

The head of the Turkish Exporters Association, Ismail Gul, said that Turkish high-tech exports continued to rise in recent years, with the increase in exports in many areas that have high added value.

Technology was at the top of the Turkish exports list, with wristwatches, air vehicles, pacemakers, aircraft parts, medical devices, optical devices, electronic circuits and medicines.

Gul added that the total exports of Turkish products with high added value amounted to 3.64 billion dollars last year, while it exceeded 4 billion dollars until the end of last September, an increase of 12%.

The Chairman of the Exporters Association stated that the sectors with the highest added value for exports are the jewelry industry, defense and aviation, ready-to-wear clothes, leather, leather products, tobacco, and cars.

Total exports of Turkish products with high added value amounted to 3.64 billion dollars in the past year (Getty Images)


Gul revealed that while the value of exports per kilogram in the defense and aviation sector is more than 60 dollars, this value is about 15 dollars in ready-made clothes, while the value of one kilogram is 7 dollars in the automotive sector, which is the largest export in the region. Turkey.

He explained that the shrinking demand in the auto and defense aviation sectors caused exports to shrink in recent months, but exports returned to numbers before the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic last September.

Gul expects record numbers of exports in the three sectors – automobile, defense aviation, and clothing – in the coming months, as the policies of research, development and innovation continue.

Start of the road

For his part, Ersin Sahin, General Manager of the Turkish company Irene Motor, which produces diesel engines, said: “We are at the beginning of the road (regarding high-tech exports) to reach the level of luxury that we have targeted.”

He added that this figure should reach 10-15%, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, stressing that there is an urgent need for patience in order to develop the export sector that depends on technology, by increasing support for research and development.

Shaheen considered that the biggest defect in high-tech manufacturing in Turkey is the lack of qualified personnel, as companies must train employees, and this requires time and expenses, explaining that the major advantage is the continuous support from the state, universities and the private sector, stressing that “Made in Turkey” is the slogan It has a high value in the world market.

“Our main product is the diesel engine that is used in generators, and we are receiving more orders from countries that suffer from infrastructure problems, and which are the most important countries in sub-Saharan Africa,” he added. “And while we compete in quality with Europe, we also compete with Asia in price.” .

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