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His son Eric preceded him .. Will Trump give up Twitter in favor of “Parler”?

A social media platform that sees itself as an alternative to sites like Twitter and Facebook saw an increase in use during the US presidential elections.

Parler – which calls itself the “free social network” and whose creator has said that content on the Twitter-like site will not be verified – saw 2 million downloads to Apple and Android devices between November 3 and 9, according to the Associated Agency. Press, citing data tracked by the Sensor Tower. This is 31 times more downloads than the previous week’s app downloads.

Parler, launched in 2018, currently has about 10 million users, with its base nearly doubling since the election, as US President Donald Trump continued to publish widespread allegations of fraud and voting irregularities claiming victory, and Twitter and Facebook immediately classified these posts. It is misleading.

And compared to the two social media giants, the number of Parler users is still small compared to the more than 150 million Twitter users and the more than 2.6 billion Facebook users.

Last week, conservative chief critic Sean Hannity urged viewers to turn to the Parler platform, as the conversation continues to be dominated by Trump’s fraud allegations and the belief that the election was stolen by Democrats.

“Can we just take everyone from Twitter to Parler now? Can we just, make the change together, like, Goodbye to Twitter, see you later Jack, nice try?” Said Hannity on Fox News’s Laura Ingraham show, referring to President Jack Dorsey. Twitter executive.

A prominent conservative donor, Rebecca Mercer, revealed that she is among the platform’s financial backers.

“The ever-increasing tyranny and arrogance of our tech tycoons demands that someone lead the battle against data mining and protect freedom of expression on the Internet,” she wrote in a post on the site, adding, “This person is a parler, a beacon to all who value their freedom, freedom of expression and personal privacy.” .

What is Parler?

The Parler Network has grown steadily since its launch, with the goal of reaching out to Trump supporters and conservatives who have seen other major platforms stifle free speech and have a liberal bias. The Parler app is designed like Twitter, and it allows users to post short messages, known as “parley”, to followers or echo (repost) other users’ posts.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, the site does not use algorithms to recommend content nor does it “streamline your feed,” according to community guidelines.

Founder John Matzi told Forbes in June, “There will be no fact checkers” on the platform.

“You will not be told what you think and what you will say,” he added. “A police officer will not arrest you if you say the wrong opinion … I think that this is all people want. Do what they like.”

Parler said – in its guidelines for using the site – that it “uses the right to remove community members or member-submitted content at a minimum. We prefer to leave decisions on this for everyone.”

The guidelines add, “Parler will not in any way decide which content will be removed or filtered, or which account will be removed, based on the opinion expressed within the relevant content.”

However, the site will remove illegal content or content that is suspected of being used with a crime. This includes “terrorist” content, calls to incitement to violence, child pornography and spam.

The platform had its first appearance in the number of users in June, when Trump was publicly flirting by leaving Twitter and Facebook to Parler, and so far, the president has not joined the site.

Also users include Trump’s son Eric and campaign advisor Jason Miller, and Republican politicians – including Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and US actor Devin Nunes – are also active on the stage.

Groups and individuals who have faced ban from other social media sites, such as radio host Alex Jones and various far-right groups such as the Proud Boys, have also moved to Parler.

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