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Hit and pain .. Baraa Al Nafisi from insulting the UAE divides the pioneers of the communication sites

Today, the Kuwait Criminal Court acquitted former deputy and academic Abdullah Al-Nafisi of the charge of insulting the UAE.

Al-Nafisi’s trial followed the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s submission of a complaint against him, in which it demanded that the maximum penalties be applied against him on charges of subjecting Kuwait to severing relations with a sister country, following his tweet on his Twitter account.

The court’s decision was widely echoed on social media platforms, where the views of the tweeters differed between supporters of the decision and a critic of it, and among the tweets monitored by “Nashrkom” (4/10/2020), Adel Abdul Hadi’s lawyer, academic Abdullah Al-Nafisi, in which the ruling was declared innocent. His client, saying, “The Criminal Court headed by Counselor Muhammad Ghazi Al-Maymouni issued its first ruling today in the name of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, acquitting our client, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafisi, of the charges against him in the case filed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the UAE.”

In support of the ruling of innocence issued against Al-Nafisi, activist Abdel-Wahab Jamal commented by saying, “Congratulations on the ruling, the ruling grounds are victorious for freedom of opinion, expression and community control.”

On the other hand, activist Samir Dashti defended the need to respect the freedom of the other when expressing personal opinions, and wrote, “In my personal opinion, and if the judiciary triumphs for Brother Abdullah Al-Nafisi, freedom of expression stops at offending others. Kuwait’s relationship with the UAE and the countries is greater than a passing personal opinion. Relationships that spanned centuries. “

As for the activist Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, he asked about the justification for trying Al-Nafisi in particular, at a time when insults are issued by other parties but are not dealt with with the same intensity, and he wrote, “After a trial from the Kuwait Criminal Court, today the ruling was issued acquitting Dr. Abdullah Al-Nafisi of the charge of insulting.
The question now is why is there no court in the State of Tolerance and the State of Happiness Patrols that prosecute Hamad Al Mazrouei for repeated offenses issued by him? Or did Dr. Al-Nafisi mention the reality, and he struck and pained?

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