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Hoffenheim hardens Bayern Munich by four in the German league

Hoffenheim spoiled the celebrations of its guest Bayern Munich by winning the European Super Cup title, which they were crowned last Thursday, after their surprise and big 4-1 victory over the Bavarian team on Sunday in the second round of the German football league (Bundesliga).

With this result, Bayern stuck at 3 points, while Hoffenheim increased to 6 points, after achieving its second successive victory in the championship this season, achieving the full mark so far.

Bayern coach Hanzi Flick paid for his rest, a number of the team’s stars, as he preferred not to push them on the main roster, and kept them on the bench, such as Polish star Robert Lewandowski, French winger Kingsley Coman, Leon Goritska and Lucas Hernandez.

Flick’s attempts to return Bayern to the match again failed, despite his payment by Pleivandowski, Goritska and Koman in the second half, so that the German champions in the last eight seasons received a strong slap from Hoffenheim, who had previously lost 6-6 to Bayern in the last confrontation that brought the two teams together in the tournament last season. At the “Ryan Neckar Arena”, which hosted today’s meeting.

Hoffenheim led the Bosnian Armen Bisaksic in the 16th minute, before his colleague Moanis Dabour added the second goal in the 24th minute.

Joshua Kimikh ignited the match again, scoring a goal for Bayern in the 36th minute, but Croatian Andrej Kramaric scored the third goal for Hoffenheim in the 77th minute.

Kramarich scored again, scoring Hoffenheim’s fourth goal and his second personal goal in the 90th minute from a penalty kick.

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