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Hollywood, a land of fame and wealth, how did it transform from livestock farming to the film industry?

In Los Angeles, California, the Hollywood neighborhood, which is synonymous with the world of magic, money and the power of the entertainment industry, is located as the capital of the film industry in the world, as Hollywood is home to many television and film studios and production companies.

Despite her attractive position, Hollywood’s roots are humble. It started as a small farming community, and developed into a diverse and thriving city where stars are born and dreams come true for a few of the lucky ones.

Humble origins

It might be hard to imagine that the City of Stars today was in 1853 just a village, on which small mud-brick huts were built in succession, but over the next two decades, the area became a thriving agricultural community called the Cahuenga Valley.

And when politician and real estate developer Harvey Henry Wilcox and his wife Dida moved to Los Angeles from Topeka, Kansas in 1883, where he bought 150 acres of farmland in West Hollywood, he tried to begin experimenting with ranching.

Wilcox did not go as well as he had hoped, so in 1887 he submitted plans to the Los Angeles County Office for the zoning of the land and work to create an upscale neighborhood of luxury homes.

Koenga Valley, which later became Hollywood (networking sites)

H.J. Wheatley

By the turn of the twentieth century, Hollywood had a post office, markets and a hotel, and even cars began to drive down the city’s streets.

And in 1902, banker and real estate mogul H.J. Whiteley, also known as “the godfather of Hollywood”, intervened. He opened the Hollywood Hotel – now the site of the Dolby Theater, which hosts the annual Oscars – and developed the Ocean View Tract. It is an upscale residential neighborhood, and it also helped finance the construction of a bank, which was an integral part of delivering electricity to the area.

Founded in 1903, Hollywood merged with Los Angeles in 1910. At that time, Prospect was now the famous Hollywood Street.

Naming Hollywood

According to one story, after Harvey and Dida Wilcox learned that there was a town in Ohio called Hollywood, they called their farm the same name, and a sign with the name was hung. Another story says that NHG Whiteley invented the name while honeymooning in the area in 1886.

Whatever the story is true, the three people played an important role in the development of the famous city.

Hollywood emperors

The first Hollywood film to be completed was The Count of Monte Cristo in 1908, although production began in Chicago.

The first film to be entirely produced in Hollywood was a 1910 short film, In Old California.

By 1911, the first film studio had appeared on Sunset Boulivard. In 1915, several of the major motion pictures companies moved to Hollywood from the east coast of the United States.

Why did Hollywood stand out?

Hollywood was an ideal place for film production, as filmmakers could not be sued for violating Thomas Edison’s motion picture film patents and his Motion Picture Patents Company, the weather was warm and sunny, and the terrain was Various shooting locations are ideal for movie backgrounds.

Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign is a must-see for everyone who has visited the city, although it didn’t start that way; It was originally a clever electrical billboard advertising an upscale suburban neighborhood in what is now the Hollywood Hills.

The sign was originally written “Hollywoodland” and was installed by publisher and real estate developer Harry Chandler in 1923 at a cost of $ 21,000. Each original letter was 30 feet wide by 43 feet long and were hung by telephone poles. And it included 4 thousand light bulbs to light the huge sign.

The sign was only supposed to remain a year and a half, but it has become a part of Hollywood culture. But during the Great Depression, the sign was worn out, and it was partly restored in 1949, removing the last four letters.

In the late 1970s, the brand was restored again, appearing in countless films, including “Superman”, “Mighty Joe Young” and “The Day After Tomorrow”. .

Golden age

Hollywood’s golden age was a period of great growth and change in the industry that brought Hollywood and its movie stars international prominence.

Five movie studios, known as the “Big Five,” have dominated: Warner Bros, RK, Fox, MGM and MGM. Paramount.

The smaller studios included Colombia, Universal, and United Artists.

The golden age of Hollywood began with the beginning of the silent film stage, although some people say it began at the end of the silent era, coinciding with the success of Charlie Chaplin’s films.

With the introduction of films coupled with sound, Hollywood producers have produced Western films – also called “American Wild West” films, which include cowboy culture and gang wars – and musicals, romantic dramas, horror films and documentaries.

Hollywood has added an artistic position to movie stars for decades, and its reputation as a land of wealth and fame became known, so accessing it and acting in its studios became a dream for all artists in the world.

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