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Homelessness five times worse in UK than government admits as figures reveal 28,000 now sleeping rough

Homelessness five times worse in UK than government admits as figures reveal 28,000 now sleeping rough

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  2. There was a homeless man I used to buy breakfast for where I used to live. He was probably in his mid 50’s, an educated man who worked in networking.

    He had a rough divorce, his wife got the house and kids, he got little to nothing. He applied for a council house but the council said he wasn’t priority. So he lost his job because he didn’t have an address. Now he lives on the streets 🙁

  3. >The latest official rough sleeping figures, which the government calculates based on a one-night snapshot, show 4,677 people were sleeping on the streets in England in 2018 – down 2 per cent on the year before but **165 per cent up on 2010**.

    Even their supposedly doctored figures look like a nightmare, imagine how bad the actual situation must be

  4. I was literally one of those people two months ago. They helped me for bit. Then I went back to being homeless until I found a solution myself. The government is not very helpful. Just saying.

  5. SRO (single room occupancy) housing needs to be available in every city with fairly strict rules to keep a room. Decent people who have fallen on hard times should not be on the street.

    Cities should look to create non-skilled jobs too. The city could be sparkling clean and well maintained which could increase tourism and quality of life for all. The homeless could be given a job to help other homeless as well.
    It’s amazing what a simple job and a permanent address will do for a person’s self-value. I would guess that the cost of these programs would be largely covered by the reduction in crime and other costs that increase with the homeless population.

    Programs like these need to be nationwide, or they will create a major migration of homeless to cities that offer these programs, overwhelming the capacity.

  6. Well anybody surprised by that? Same with the employment numbers do we really can say someone on a zero-hour contract should be considered working? OECD said ” It said the true unemployment rate should rise from 4.6% to 13.2% ” ….

  7. I’ve worked with the homeless in London on a bunch of Xmas period mercy missions to distribute supplies and nice stuff so people can feel a tad human again. Sanitary stuff for women, under wear, socks, decent sleeping bags, hats and gloves as well as thermos flasks, good quality chocolate and all that kind of thing. What really shocked me the most – well, there was a lot to be shocked about but one thing that really stood out for me was how many people were on the streets from places like Syria who had terrible war injuries. I saw a guy with a huge hole in his leg, that looked absolutely awful, his mate said he’d been shot years ago but it just never healed. People with missing feet and hands and in overall terrible shape. People talk a lot about immigrants ‘coming over here and getting houses and freebies’ but it’s not the case at all for a whole under class of people living rough in London. They walk about during the day so you don’t notice them but at night, in the back streets and alleyways, when they need to sleep is when you get an understanding of the scale of the problem. London (central) isn’t like some American cities where you have these homeless shanty towns on the side of the road but I bet we are not far off that situation in some areas.

    I was in some kind of arcade not far off the Strand, so a covered area where some heating vents were close together. There must have been 50 odd people crammed in there, literally packed in like sardines, most of them middle eastern looking, unfamiliar languages spoken and again lots of them with war like injuries. It is absolutely soul destroying and you need a really strong stomach just to deal with the abject misery these people are in. Just the smell can take your breath away and whilst it felt good to give these people some much needed supplies whilst all around people were in full on festive mode, it just made me bitterly angry at how London was in this state, how the government have done next to nothing to sort it and how what we were doing was actually pissing in the wind.

  8. “Rough sleeping” is the most sadistically inept euphemism I’ve ever heard for homelessness. Quintessentially British, right there.

  9. We have about that just in Portland, OR.

  10. What happened to cutting homeless people in half?

  11. Tory voters must be ecstatic

  12. That seems waaaay too low with the amount of homeless i’ve seen.

  13. They better find a house by 2025 if they enjoy not being cut in half

  14. Thank god for Brexit. Now that the government finally got the poisonous EU fiddlers out, the government can use the 450 million pounds it sent the EU per week on social welfare. Haha soon all the homeless will have food and a roof. All will get good paying jobs and UK economy will rise!

  15. im glad UK is showing EU how its done. by faking numbers!

  16. it’s things like this that make me go back and re-watch *Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister*. Exactly the sort of thing they poke fun at, like [Sir Humphrey’s “off the record” opinion on the unemployed.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNsJRfaRdfc)

  17. TIL LA county has almost twice as many homeless as the entirety of the United Kingdom. 59k v 28k.

    This is fucked.

    Obligatory edit for knowledge learned.

    Ok. I was under the assumption that “sleeping rough” and homeless were the same thing. They are not. The UK has over [300k](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homelessness_in_the_United_Kingdom?wprov=sfla1) homeless with 28k sleeping on the street. Apparently they have a much better handle on the situation than the US does as LA has [44k](http://www.laalmanac.com/social/so14.php) sleeping on the streets. So let me revise my statement.

    TIL LA county has 150% of the number of street people as compared to the entirety of the United Kingdom.

  18. Nothing like here in the states. We have the most homeless people. The best in the world, maybe ever.

  19. Keep voting Tory though, you smart clever people, you.

  20. It’s probably worse than that.

  21. Holy shit there are only 28,000 homeless people in the UK? There’s more than half a million in the US and our definition of homelessness is a lot more restrictive

  22. I just came back from San Diego and OMG I’ve never seen so many homeless people. It was like a lite version of the walking dead. There were people walking the streets that were clearly mentally handicapped.

  23. A major issue that contributes to homelessness is mental illness. If you aren’t coping it’s all too easy for everything to go to pieces. Unfortunately poor mental health is hard to get good treatment for. I’ve experienced it myself. If you go to your GP you will be put on a waiting list which can be months or even years long.

  24. Bullshit. Walk through Exeter, Plymouth or Bristol and there’s hundreds across those cities; 28k sounds awfully low.

    Homelessness in Britain is something that breaks my heart, I intend to volunteer somewhere when possible.

  25. It would cost less than 50 million pounds (barely a drop in the bucket for the UK) to feed, house, and clothe all these 28,000 people. Disgraceful.

  26. Time for a war on poverty!

  27. It’s almost as if voting for Conservatives would make the poor poorer…

  28. Is sleeping rough a nice way to say sleeping outside? Or does it include when 15 people are in a one bedroom apartment?

  29. wait till you find out its even worse than that

  30. you need to apply china math to get a real number. This country and the US is garbage/rubbish the scripture warned what happens to debt collection society, we’ve poisoned the entire earth with this evil.

  31. I like how the English call it sleeping rough

  32. Waiting for invisible hand of free market to fix it, any moment now.

  33. Check out the tiny home movement where young educated couples are forced to build themselves a trailer for $100,000 and park it on their parents land because it’s all they can afford.

  34. # Places in the world where homelessness is vastly under reported: EVERY CAPITALIST NATION.

  35. If this story makes you upset why not donate some clothes directly to any homeless people in your local area. I get rid of my unwanted clothes this way and they are really grateful, especially when it’s cold and wet. Sometimes I take in washing and stick a few loads in the machine. Doesn’t take that long and it can be a godsend to those without the means.

  36. America: You gotta push those numbers up, those are rookie numbers

  37. What?! The Government lies to its own people!?! D:

  38. Ah yes, the efectiveness of the Conservative party, real smooth

  39. There’s more than that in city of L.A.

  40. But they can speak English well.

  41. Apparently never been to Oakland

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