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Hong Kong lawmaker who relied on the banned HKMap Live app warns Apple from becoming an ‘accomplice for Chinese censorship’

Hong Kong lawmaker who relied on the banned HKMap Dwell app warns Apple from changing into an ‘confederate for Chinese language censorship’

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  1. Becoming? That would imply that they haven’t been doing this for years.

    [Here](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-24383291)’s an article about an anti-censorship app they removed back in 2013, and I doubt it was the first.

    In 2017, [they removed at least 674 VPN apps from China](https://www.bbc.com/news/business-42076033).

    The only surprising thing here is that there’s still people who think that Apple is anything but complete garbage, both in terms of quality and company ethics.

  2. Just so you know it still has a [web version](https://hkmap.live/) and you can get an idea of how it works. The tracking solely relies on crowd-sourcing and protesters already have many Telegram channels to report on police presence. Banning the app wouldn’t do too much.

  3. To anyone thinking of buying the latest iPhone, an equivalent spec Android phone is about 50% of the price, with pretty much 99% of the apps. Just food for thought…

  4. I get that if you are on the side of the protesters you want them to have an advantage, but an app like this would be illegal in a few countries as tracking police locations isn’t really a good thing in itself, right?

  5. All this hk and xinjiang and taiwan and blizzard and nba and southpark and Slamdunk etc etc reminds me of that speech from scent of a woman for some reason… We’re all losing our integrity for someone else’s fortune and allowing ourselves to turn a blind eye while witnessing the misfortune of others. Cowards are at the helms and I’m one of them.

  6. Let’s be honest here – this is just capitalism at work

  7. question, are Police Tracking apps legal in America? From what I understand those apps are banned here, so Apple decision is completely logical. Criminals can use it to rob neighborhoods with lax police presence or protestors can trap individual police officers and cause bodily harm.

  8. time to dump our Apple devices! who’s with me?!

  9. Any international company is an accomplice for Chinese censorship, since that is the game they have to play to enter that market. Turns out 1.386 billion people is incredibly enticing in a system that seeks growth at all costs

  10. What else do you expect Apple to do? All their products are manufactured in China and it’s also one of their biggest markets. I can see why Tim Cook’s been bending over backwards for them: The PRC can ruin his company overnight if it so chooses.

  11. The corporations sided with the Nazis in WW2, and they’re siding with authoritarian governments now. It’s profitable. It’s the people’s job to say no.

  12. Apple only cares about money. Why would they care about people?

  13. Tim Cook would sell his mother to China for an extra 0.01% revenue increase.

  14. Wow it’s almost like using a service that can say ‘this app is no longer allowed’ was a mistake in the first place!

  15. “I, H.K. Lawmaker, hereby issue a warning towards Apple™ urging them to be very careful not to become what Apple™ already, so obviously, is.”

    And since Apple once again *deserved* being shat on – I feel like [Louis Rossmann](https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup/videos) deserves a salute, he sheds much light into how vile Apple as a company really is.

  16. China tells businesses what to do… businesses tell America what to do.

    I am annoyed and confused. Please help.

  17. This is why we need mobile operating systems that aren’t locked down and centrally controlled. iOS and Android need to be ditched.

  18. Perhaps some people would be using this app for negative purposes, Perhaps also ppl are using sms and all other social and chat programs like WhatsApp for exactly the same thing… Two rules apply.

  19. If you want to track which companies (Apple, Blizzard, Google, etc.) are complying with China’s censorship request, checkout [BendXiKnee.com](https://BendXiKnee.com)

  20. How do I uninstall Apple from my Android phone?

  21. [List of companies censoring content on China’s orders, from /r/HongKong](https://old.reddit.com/r/HongKong/comments/dfg1ce/list_of_companies_under_chinas_censorship_orders/)

    Apple’s on there, as are Activision Blizzard, Disney / ESPN / Marvel, Riot, Nike, Mariott, Vans and more

  22. but black dynamite, I sell drugs to the community

  23. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter…man, Hitler would have loved to have had these tools at his disposal. Oh wait…

  24. What is censorship? When you don’t allow the information to get thru, is that censorship? Or when you allow so much false information to get thru that you have no way of identifying the actual information, is that censorship?

  25. “Companies aren’t above government!” – reddit

    *Apple is regulated by a government*

    “Apple! wtf!” – also reddit

  26. I hate myself for owning Apple products now. Once my Macbook gives out and I’m due for upgrade, I’m out.

  27. All the politicians are preparing for re-election right now. So send yours an email. American companies that limit free speech to appease a totalitarian state, should be punished. They have never been more willing to listen to you, and the freedom of the people of Hong Kong could be at stake.

  28. So one of the most evil companies in the world works together with one of the most evil countries? Shocking

  29. Maybe someone could develop a similar App to show locations of American cops for African Americans?

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