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Hong Kong protesters defy ban on masks as they clash with police

Hong Kong protesters defy ban on masks as they conflict with police

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  1. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/12/hong-kong-protesters-defy-ban-masks-clashes-with-police) reduced by 88%. (I’m a bot)
    > Thousands of protesters are continuing to defy a ban on wearing masks in Hong Kong as clashes have again taken place between demonstrators and authorities.

    > Elsewhere, hundreds of masked protesters chanted slogans such as "I have every right to wear a mask" and sang the protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong at a shopping centre in Sha Tin.

    > Hong Kong officials said one-third of the more than 2,200 protesters arrested during the four months of unrest were under 18.

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  2. For all the whataboutists who are saying that Western countries do this too so it’s “the same”.

    It’s not. China is a totalitarian military dictatorship while those countries are not. The reason why the peaceful pro-democracy protesters are using face masks is because China uses facial recognition software and arrests people merely for being at the rallies.

  3. Hey look it’s xi. Arrest him.

  4. For people trying to compare face-mask laws in Canada and Hong Kong:

    1. Canada allows masks in peaceful rallies; Hong Kong doesn’t
    2. Canada forbids police obtaining citizen’s footage without consent or court order; Hong Kong doesn’t
    3. Canadian police can’t wear masks; Hong Kong masked police beat civilians at will
    4. Face-mask law in Canada was passed by democratic parliament with people’s endorsement; It was imposed in Hong Kong by undemocratic officials

  5. I think you guys need to wear the Winnie the Pooh mask next.

  6. Here in Canada wearing a mask during an unlawful protest can get you up to ten years in prison. Sounds like China is starting to turn into Canada.


    Hong Kong should be worried.

  7. All these constant post about what goes on in hong kong seems to be doing absolutely nothing at all but making things worst. Im just being honest but what is really the point…just for people comment “oh thats so bad” and go on with there lives. There’s no places saying donate here, or any call to actions like boycotts or anything like that…just people posting more and more shit happening there. Its all so pointless

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