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Hong Kong protests: over 380K people rally in Hong Kong

Hong Kong protests: over 380K people rally in Hong Kong

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  1. Somebody better bring them more umbrellas

  2. Impressive how brave Hong Kong people are after all that China mainland has done to them, hope they can keep it going, stay strong Hong Kong and Fuck Chinese Goberment.

  3. Remember the 3.5% rule, that if 3.5% of the population is active in a protest it has never failed to bring about change [source](https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190513-it-only-takes-35-of-people-to-change-the-world).

    Well 380k in Hong Kong is 5.14% of the population of Hong Kong.

  4. HK government must meet the people’s demands as spoken through the protest and election results.

  5. Big difference from the millions there were when it all started.

  6. They’re still protesting? I thought they already quit.

  7. Honestly, the far left is the reason he is President right now. Democrats had a perfectly good candidate (Bernie Sanders). Then Hillary fucked him over and people decided to fuck her over by electing Trump.


  8. man FUCK the chinese government. is this the new cold war?

  9. wait, aren’t the elections are over, so now what?

  10. Wow, none of them must be worried about their jobs or using up their vacation time at all. I’m told that this is why Americans don’t protest much.

    All they’ve got to be worried about is being killed, beaten, or disappeared by the state. /s

    Your excuses are pathetic, America.

  11. First comment! Let’s all discuss China Vs USA again! Lol

  12. China is trying to help you, Hong Kong. Cut it out

  13. Funny how a very small change in punctuation would make this a very confusing title. But after a second glance, nope, the world still sucks…

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