1. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/hong-kong-protesters-doubt-chinas-threats-but-wont-back-down-2019-8) reduced by 79%. (I’m a bot)
    > Demonstrators aren't ready to back down even if the Chinese military gets involved, one protest leader told INSIDER. Bonnie Leung, the vice convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, told INSIDER that she believes the Chinese People's Liberation Army is merely posturing to scare protesters by moving troops into Shenzhen, on the border with Hong Kong.

    > As the Hong Kong protests have persisted, they have gotten larger, and Hong Kong police tactics have gotten more extreme.

    > Protesters say a woman's eye was severely injured after police shot a bean bag at her face, and Hong Kong police have admitted to dressing up as protesters, VICE reported.

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  2. Operation Banner is what we will get here. A large army coming in to “protect” a very small area. Suppressed local population will hide a large resistance movement that will perform targeted strikes with small diy bombs and assassinations.

    Expect financial support from countries close by (Taiwan, Singapore) who have a great win if China gets into a huge blunder with HK.

    China has no idea what it’s getting into. There is a reason the US never sends troops into a country with a educated and developed citizenship. It’s impossible to control.

  3. This is complete bullshit coming from a Hong Konger. This is an international stage. Literally everyone is watching. There will be no way of censorship. This won’t happen. You guys are making this seem like they are gonna shoot all of us

  4. Only if they target entire protest crowds who’s using peaceful ways to demonstrate. I doubt that’ll happen. It’d be such a regressive and counterproductive move from China, so they won’t do so.

  5. I don’t think the military maneuvers and the protests are related… but that could change. So this could be a reminder to not do anything stupid like throwing molotovs at police.


    If I was there I’d pack a roll of duct tape to wrap around the wrists of anybody who makes a liability of theirself.

  6. This is why I don’t understand why people have such ingratitude while living in the US.

    China is or will be a rival super power next in line to the US and yet treats their citizens in what we would consider draconian.

    Sure, we have things to fix but a little gratitude for the luck of being born here is warranted from time to time. You never know when things could drastically change for the worse and you will wish for the good ol days again.

  7. I feel like the only way to solve this right now is to flood Hong Kong with assault rifles, bulletproof vests, and RPGs. Then they will have a fighting chance against the army.

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