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Hongkongers nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Hongkongers nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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  1. Not to distract from the issue, but that reeks of a PR action from the Norwegian lawmaker who made the nomination. The Nobel Peace Prize 2019 was just a few weeks ago given to the Ethiopian PM for ending the conflict with Eritrea. The 2020 edition will only be awarded a year from now.

  2. On a less than serious note; if Hong Kong protesters did win, how would the prize money be distributed?

  3. Just a brief reminder that Nobel peace prize nominations mean very little. Hundreds of people get nominated a year, and a lot of people can nominate them. I guarantee that Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, probably Putin too, got nominated this year.

  4. The Nobel Peace Prize has been a joke since one of the recipients bombed another one.

  5. Peace Prize though.

    They’re doing good work, but that’s self defeating since that ain’t peace (nor should it be).

  6. Not to discredit the Hong Kong Protest but why only Hong Kong, what about other protest? Moscow protest? Kurdish protest?

    They’re also fighting for human rights

  7. Imagine a bunch of people with Molotov cocktails in gas masks just taking the stage to accept the reward

  8. If you get nominated for trying to stab an officer in the neck with a box cutter and throwing acid and petrol bombs, I’m literally Jesus lol

  9. If I trash my city, vandalize everything in sight and demand a change in government, can I get a Nobel Peace prize ?
    I’m ready to give it a go !

  10. lmfao, this further proves Nobel “Peace” Prize is a complete joke, may as well give it to Trump

  11. They’re going to lose to the bigliest stable genius in his great and unmatched genius.

    – Donald Trump’s twitter feed in the next six hours or so, probably.

  12. So what? China invented the Nobel Peace Prize in the Middle Ages, but Westerners ignored it for a thousand years so they could claim to invent it on their own.

  13. they get a nobel prize for rioting to support a murderer?

  14. I asked here yesterday if the teenagers (that make up a huge majority of the protesters) have a clear grasp of geopolitical realities or are just victims of ceaseless manipulations? Expectedly, Post was downvoted to hell

    Turns out this protests is the perfect excuse (not that the US needed any but it makes for good PR) for lawmakers to pass a bill to repeal HK’s special status which effectively ruins their economy. Talk about handing one’s killer the murder weapon

    Crazy how effective coordinated propaganda is, isn’t it?

  15. Even if this prize is a joke, I guaranteed it’ll piss off China, and I’m here for it.

  16. Why? They aren’t creating peace. They’re creating chaos.

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