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Hospital director dies in China of the new coronavirus

Hospital director dies in China of the new coronavirus

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  1. bbc has posted an article listing the high profile deaths from the crisis


    >Coronavirus: The noted victims of the virus in Wuhan

    >A bodybuilder. An artist. A scientist. Senior doctors.

    >Across China, more than 1,800 people who lost their lives to Covid-19 are being mourned – the majority of them in the virus epicentre of Wuhan.

    >Each death is devastating to their loved ones, but among the dead in Wuhan are some people who were noted figures in their field.

    >Here are a few of them.

  2. Over 1500 hospital workers infected it would be higher if it wasn’t for some social networking and access to the net [last hope before Mao returns ](https://youtu.be/VwyRGjDHyXs)

  3. That’s a bit scary, mainly because you know they pulled all the stops to save a high up guy like him, and could not.

    I was under the impression that richer countries with better medical supplies/training would fair better in the case of a full outbreak, but I’m starting to doubt that as well.

  4. Another case of “died of coronavirus”.

  5. Amazing how all the heads of something are dying. You would think the virus is able to determine ones politics or something.

  6. >China of the new coronavirus

    Can that be their official country name now?

  7. More information is coming out about Wuhan virus. Apparently a Harvard scientist Dr. Charles Lieber is somehow connected. Why is our news media is not covering this more?

  8. This has been posted twice already within the last few hours. You can search before posting to make sure you aren’t posting repeats.

  9. The irony here, is that China has been steadily purging all non-Han Chinese citizens, reducing the genetic variation of the populace, thus promoting the spread of the virus…

  10. *New* Coronavirus??!! What the fuck is this? Is there a new strain?

  11. Any idea what’s the real death toll number?

    I’m hearing 1000 infected in the US and thousands infested in China.

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