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How do you deal with your child’s tantrums?

Falling to the ground, screaming, hitting, crying, and blackmailing are most common features of a child’s tantrum. Parents usually punish their children for these behaviors due to their ignorance of how to deal with this behavior, which usually arises when children feel frustrated, angry or sad, and they cannot find the appropriate words to express these feelings.

In a report published by the Mexican magazine “Soy Carmin”, writer Yasmine Lopez said: Parents do not need to be concerned about this childish behavior, as specialists emphasized that tantrums are necessary for a child’s development.

However, in order to be mindful of their and their child’s mental health, parents also need to know how to set limits for this behavior without losing patience or acting disrespectfully. Experts have identified simple and very easy to implement ways that can help parents improve their relationship with their children.

In this regard, Sally R. Neuberger, a clinical psychologist, and child psychotherapist, suggests that all parents have to do is learn to “break” a tantrum to put an end to the child’s complex behavior.

Sally invented this alternative that radically improved the method of raising children by providing options based on human mental perception. As a psychotherapist and therapist, she uses her skills and knowledge to create the following helpful parenting method:

Parents need to learn to “break” a tantrum to put an end to complex child behavior (Getty Images)

The “magic” question that stops a child’s tantrums

If your little one is about to have a tantrum, bend over so you can look directly into his eyes and calmly ask him, “Is this a simple, moderate, or complex problem?” This question will prompt the child to analyze the situation. From this point on, he will assess the importance of the problem and know how to solve it without the need for tantrums or adopting behaviors to attract parental attention.

Thanks to the use of this technology, you will open a new path in dealing with your child and you will learn how to teach him how to express his feelings without losing control. This method will make the child feel more secure, and he will be more aware of all his movements and behaviors, and he will realize the importance of his opinion and feelings.

The To Be A Parent website states that maintaining a comfortable and emotional situation during your children’s tantrums is essential for them, in order to create bonds of trust and improve their communication. Parents should not yell or resort to hitting, because with a single glance and a specific question, the problem can be solved.

This technique helps children understand that their emotions are correct and important, and gives them the opportunity to believe that there are other alternatives to solve their problems. Moreover, the child will learn that when he is screaming, crying and kicking uncontrollably, you will not understand him or her. Therefore, he must calm down if he wants others to pay attention to him.

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