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How do you live in the heart of Europe with just one pound sterling a day? Watch the challenge

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s population use the Internet, but few use it perfectly to help them cope with the problems of their daily lives, as Toba courage does.

This young Nigerian photographer and “YouTuber” residing in London, with his everlasting smile, dynamic and persistent personality, and his talent for searching for solutions, was able to challenge poverty, hunger and homelessness, and offer every immigrant youth in Europe a golden recipe to address whatever difficulties he might encounter, by thinking outside the box, Taking advantage of the opportunities and information provided by the Internet and social networking sites, instead of despair and frustration.

Through a unique and perhaps unprecedented experience, to live with healthy food from the largest stores and restaurants, bathing in the finest hotels and sports centers, to tourism across Europe, at a cost not exceeding one British pound per day, and with vital and creative ideas without begging, stealing or deceiving, until you reaped Some of his videos, which provide a guide to living in one of the busiest and most expensive cities in the world, on YouTube have nearly 12 million views, and his channel has gained more than 800,000 subscribers.

Food challenge

If Corague’s challenge was limited to just buying 3 meals of food that cost no more than 1 British pound and enough to feed him all day, that would have been a success. But he refuses to obtain the best possible healthy food and drink, from the largest stores and restaurants, with admirable calm, planning and confident planning.

For his ingenuity in taking advantage of applications, searching for opportunities, following free offers and inexpensive goods on the Internet, and collecting additional pieces available free of charge to visitors to stores, cafes, hotels, restaurants and bakeries, such as salt, pepper, ketchup, butter, and even soap and perfumes.

We see him making his breakfast consisting of bread (he and eggs he considers the safest bet), oats, jam and avocados at cheaper prices from one of the biggest food stores.

Then he picks up his free Costa coffee – to download their app – and bids some hot water to make the oatmeal. In the afternoon, he goes to exchange the rest of the bread for food for his lunch from a store that accepts the barter system, which you can reach via the Internet. He returns with bread and baked beans. Then he ends his day, which cost him only one pound, with a dinner of rest of the bread and strawberry jam.

By downloading apps and running with a bike, Tuba will keep getting more food, fried chicken wings and pizza, and dancing with his sleigh with joy after each success.

Shelter Challenge

In taking on the challenge of taking care of himself in terms of showering, hygiene, sports, entertainment and shelter, Tuba comes up with the idea of ​​collecting the small coins that are left behind by ticket vending machine users when they are in a hurry, and he succeeds in collecting 80 pounds from the first round.

After that, he begins to activate the talent for smart use of the Internet to buy bathing supplies, and benefit from free offers at gyms that guarantee him a day full of training and well-being.

He is followed by a free visit to one of the largest perfume stores, to get his share of their samples available for free. He ends his day with a sleigh dance before sleeping on a free couch he won from a website.

And after our hero Tuba is unable to sell his grades to provide food, personal care and shelter, a website provides him with an opportunity to recycle a television screen that someone has abandoned, so he flies to grab it and sell it for £ 18, which was enough to take advantage of a generous offer from a swimming center and sauna, followed by 3 ready meals that were not He forgets his friends’ share of it, to conclude with a good discount on a small tent that provided him shelter.

Tourism Challenge

Having landed and toured all the major cities of England, Corague wore the challenge of food and shelter at a cost not exceeding a pound a day. He decided to break the rules of tourism restricted to those who could afford it, starting from London to Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, a very expensive country. In his warm and friendly manner, he continues to provide valuable information on everything needed for cheap youth tourism in these countries.

Inspiring others

In the end, Tuba is very happy, first of all for having received “tons of messages”, from admirers of his management style when necessary. Secondly, to inspire him to repeat his challenge to obtain food at the lowest cost, as did his follower, Yasmine, who went down to the ring and won 3 meals of soup, french fries, rice and beans through offers and applications, for only one pound.

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