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How does mothers’ obsession with work affect their children’s behavior?

During these difficult times that we are going through, it has become difficult for families to bear the costs of life, which has led to double efforts at work, which poses a real danger to the health of children.

In a report published by the American site “Moms”, writer Lina Nasser says that achieving a balance between work and personal life is a difficult challenge for many families. Because “work addiction” may damage children’s mental health.

Psychology Today describes work addiction as “more than just devoting your time to a job. It is a commitment that approaches obsession, and takes the place of most other aspects of life, including children.”

According to the author, if this condition lasts for a long time, it means more serious consequences for children, who need a lot of care and attention in their early years. What are the main risks of this “addiction”?

Children who do not enjoy the kindness of their parents gradually become vulnerable to depression (Getty Images)

The child’s feeling that he is not important

It is very important if you are a working mother to separate work and personal life, and to make sure that you give appropriate time and effort to each.

In fact, a workaholic mother sends signals to her children that they are not important in her life, and that work is the first priority. This feeling of insignificance negatively affects a child’s emotional and psychological development, and causes long-term problems.

Failure to meet emotional needs

If the mother is busy working at the expense of the children, they may resort to other options to fill the emotional void, such as addiction or violent behavior. According to Psychology Today, a mother who spends a lot of time and effort in her professional life negatively impacts her children’s mental and emotional health.

The problem in this case is that work takes over the mother’s mind completely, and controls her mood, and she may behave badly with children when things do not go well at the professional level.

As for a balanced mother, she gives priority to children and is associated with them with strong feelings that are not affected by professional commitment.

No time to play

The children of the addicted mother are often left in front of screens and electronic devices, while she is busy with her professional life, and she stays outside the home for long periods, and this has a great impact on the mental health of children.

The child in this case bears a lot of responsibilities, is deprived of the playtime and fun he needs, and grows up quickly without the mother’s notice.


According to Punch, “children without parental affection gradually become vulnerable to depression and then psychosis over time.”

Children desperately need to communicate with their parents and constantly talk about their daily experiences. To feel the family warmth.

Therefore, parents should make sure that their children’s emotional needs are met, just as they should meet their physical needs.

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