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How to get rid of toxic people in your life?

Even in the funniest times, toxic people pose psychological difficulties and stress those around them. Plus, draining energy. These people are ignorant of the damage they inflict on the mental health of others.

The Russian website “Marieclaire.ru” report said that gaining the ability to build healthy communication with all kinds of personalities is important, but it is pointless to devote time or effort to toxic people. “People either inspire you or drain you, so choose those around you carefully,” says Hans Hansen, founder of the Scandinavian company Belau Your Palt.

And researchers at the University of “Friedrich Schiller” in Germany recently reached a disappointing conclusion that contact with poison causes a dangerous reaction in the body. For example, cruelty, victim syndrome, or inappropriate behavior by toxic people stress the brain cells of those around them.

The constant stress due to this may disrupt the functioning of neurons in the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain responsible for thinking, emotion and memory. After weeks of this condition, nerve cell damage is difficult to prevent, and with stress persists for more than a month, the risk of cell damage completely increases.

Stress management skills and the ability to control emotions help you deal with negativity, so it is important to get to know the types of toxic people who are most noticeable.

Everyone dreams of lasting friendship, but the reality is far from childhood dreams (communication sites)


Toxic people enjoy discussing other people’s misfortunes or bad news, in general, by focusing on the bad experiences of others, and the talkative increases their self-esteem.

In contrast, positive psychology experts believe that there are many more successful people from whom you must learn to achieve your goals, rather than spend time talking about other people’s failures. Former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Great minds discuss ideas, ordinary people discuss events, and little ones discuss people.”

The victim

Often a person sympathizes with the toxic people, and tries to help them, but soon turns away from his decision, realizing that the problems of this type of individuals do not end. It is strange that the patients themselves do not want the difficulties they face to end, believing that they are a source of pleasure for them and color their lives. As a rule, victims avoid taking any personal responsibility. Their photos also remind them of characters from famous dramas and novels.

In his book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami says, “Pain is inevitable, and suffering is a personal choice.”


No one is perfect, and often everyone relies on an objective evaluation or the opinion of a friend on an issue. But if someone focuses on constantly criticizing all of your work, looking for flaws in it and pointing out your flaws, then this is reason enough to review your thoughts.

“The critic finds mistakes in almost everything you do, and points at the first opportunity to your shortcomings not to help, but to create feelings of guilt in you, and make you feel that you are the problem, not your behavior,” said psychotherapist Amanda Steamman.


He keeps the selfish person at a distance between himself and everyone, does not see a need for him to fabricate any kind of emotional connection, and he considers people merely a tool to increase his self-esteem.


In a special manner, the manipulator robs those around him of time, energy and resources, without regard for personal needs.

In this regard, psychologist Ryan Kelly says, “You feel comfortable in the company of these people, which gives you a chance to feel love, but when they don’t need you they make you feel useless.”

The Hurricane Man

They are characterized by a failure to control emotions and irrational behavior, and they may blame you for all their problems. Besides, they are known as utter hysteria, and it is difficult to avoid contact with them, and during your conversations with them you will feel that you are the source of their misery, which enhances your feelings of guilt, and this is what they need.

Toxins can drive you crazy because of their unexpected behavior (Pixabay)

the judge

This toxic type of personality is a bit like the critic, and differs from it in considering all victories and defeats. Whenever you achieve success, you will be quick to remind you of past mistakes.

Old friend

Everyone dreams of a long-lasting friendship, but the reality is far from childhood dreams, and relationships rarely last for a long time due to many different factors. Psychotherapist Kurt Smith says, “In the event that you realize that your old friend is burdening you with his problems, and does not bother to help you, and is only talking about himself, it is time to rethink your relationship with him.”

Last medication ..

Toxic people might drive you crazy due to their unpredictable behavior and irrational behavior. On the other hand, you have to distance yourself and treat them as if you were conducting scientific research.

In this regard, Travis Bradbury, author of Emotional Intelligence, stated that “Maintaining an emotional distance requires alertness. Thinking and even changing the business plan dramatically. “

Setting boundaries in dealing with a toxic person, and knowing when and how to deal with him, puts you in control of the emotional chaos resulting from talking to him, as well as maintaining a good mood.

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