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Humiliating torture and searches … 35 Palestinian women in Israeli prisons face abuse

The Israeli occupation authorities detain in their prisons 35 Palestinian women “subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture,” according to a report issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Club.

The prisoner club stated – in its report issued on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 of each year – that “Israel is currently detaining 35 Palestinian women in its prisons, including 11 mothers.”

The number of wounded prisoners in Israeli prisons is 8, including Israa Jaabis from Jerusalem, who suffers from severe burns on her body, according to the non-governmental club specialized in following up the issues and rights of prisoners in Israeli prisons.

He explained that the mother prisoners are: Israa Jaabees, Fadwa Hamadeh, Amani Al-Hashem, Helwa Hamamra, Nasreen Hassan, Inas Asafra, Khaleda Jarrar, Aya Al-Khatib, Iman Al-Awar, Khatam Al-Sa’ifin, and Sunrise Al-Badan.

He added that the female prisoners “are subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture (…) from arrests from homes to transportation to detention and interrogation centers, and later to their detention in prisons.”

Forms of torture include shooting them during arrest operations, searching them while they are naked, holding them in cells unfit for life, and subjecting them to interrogation with methods of physical and psychological torture, according to the report.

The report touched on the “medical neglect that women prisoners suffer, and their denial of visiting their relatives, while mothers are deprived of open visits and embracing their children.”

He pointed out that there are 3 female prisoners in administrative detention (without charge or trial), among the 35 female prisoners.

The number of Israeli arrests of Palestinian women since 1967 has exceeded 16,000, including 900 cases from 2015 until the end of January 2021, according to the same report.

According to official Palestinian data, Israel is holding about 4,400 Palestinian prisoners in its prisons, and the number of child detainees is about 170, and the number of administrative detainees is about 380.

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