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Hungary seeks to end legal recognition of trans people amid Covid-19 crisis

Hungary seeks to end legal recognition of trans people amid Covid-19 crisis

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  1. I feel like Hungary is never really in the news for good stuff happening.

  2. This is what the government is focusing on now? After saying that emergency powers were necessary to fight the virus?

  3. I don’t recognize trans people either, even sometimes after I’ve been introduced to them. I am just not good with faces.

  4. Countries implement emergency measures, and everyone complains. Hungary uses the pandemic to push its right wing agenda and no one gives a shit.

  5. lol why are these right wing nuts so damn scared of everything

  6. Fascist dictator gonna dictate fascistically.

  7. Can we end legal recognition of Hungary?

  8. >The gender regulation, part of a larger bill on a number of issues not related to coronavirus, will still be considered by parliament in the normal way.

    But what else is a far-right government in all but name do in the time of a pandemic if not try to push through legislation that brings the whole country further right? I bet they’re convinced they hold the absolute truths, too.

    After all, they were elected by the people who seem not to be bothered by the no-time-limit Orban just gifted himself with in his extraordinary powers bill. They probably approve, in a sufficient majority.

  9. Proud to be Hungarian! Yay? Fml…

  10. When are the Hungarians going to get a clue and clean Orban’s clock?

  11. And off into dystopia we go.

  12. Just an FYI they haven’t approved any gender switches in ID cards for the last 4 years claiming they’re trying to “rework the process”.

  13. Trans rights are human rights. These fuckheads are cancelling human rights in the midst of a pandemic.

    Edit: Remember folks, don’t feed the pro-fascist trolls, their weakness is being ignored.

  14. Oh good, finally someone with their priorities straight in this global crisis


  15. ohhhh noooooo! But what about the poor kids who will be deprived of the chance to mutilate themselves during puberty with no proper diagnosis. Oh God won’t someone think of the childern?!11?!


  16. What’s that expression that “every crisis is an opportunity?” Except that this crisis is being used as the opportunity to screw marginalized populations.

  17. And thus the age of authoritarianism has returned to Hungary.

  18. It seems like a lot of those who are agreeing with the Hungarian proposal haven’t actually read what’s actually being proposed. While I agree that no one has the right to tell me or anyone else what language can and cannot be used under penalty of law, that’s not what’s being proposed, trans people’s rights are at risk of being stripped away, freedoms that I and many other Americans take for granted.

  19. They picked the day after the international trans viability to announce this. What a bunch of cunts.

  20. A Slovenian friend of mine posten a video from a Slovene news channel called Nova24TV . It was typical right-wing anti-immigrant stuff but I had never heard of that channel before. I checked the Wikipedia page of Nova24TV. It turned out that Hungarian businessmen with ties to their president, Orban, had purchased a 90% stake in Nova24TV. This led to a Slovene Youtube channel actually broadcasting Hungarian propaganda. Weird.

  21. Hungary was recognizing trans people? Shocking really.

  22. I went to Hungary a few years ago, and while I enjoyed the architecture and goulash, the place had a deeply unnerving culture. Nobody seemed remotely friendly. You could sense the prejudice and bigotry.

  23. > stipulates that gender should be defined as biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes

    Yeah, what a monster, almost as bad as Hitler… /s

  24. The nazi’s are alive and well, not only in Hungary, but in Brazil, and the American Republican party.

  25. How disgusting is this? How do these people get into power? How the.. fuck, man. How are we supposed to have any hope in the world, in mankind? A deadly pandemic and these fucking assholes want to sneak by some terribly cruel and dehumanizing laws. Fuck our world. I hope the people in charge of pushing this all die from corona. Fuck them.

  26. Oh we’ll just slip that in there, no one will notice

  27. That lady in the back wearing a mask but not covering her nose

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