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I compared Surface and MacBook .. Watch how Microsoft mocked Apple in this ad

The mockery directed at competitors through innovative ads has become a craft that many technology companies are mastering, and smartphones may be the product that ads focus on, especially by Google, Galaxy, Huawei and Apple, and the latter was the victim of a new satirical advertisement, but not because of the iPhone this time and from a competitor other than is expected.

Microsoft is sparking a satirical ad conflict between the Macbook and its Surface.

In a new TV commercial that aired during NFL matches Sunday night, Microsoft mocked Apple’s Touch Bar feature when it compared how the Surface can be practically due to the touch feature on the entire surface of the screen, compared to a MacBook. Pro that only uses touch in the little bar.

“Mac can give me this little tape, but why can’t they just give me a full touch screen?” Says the boy comparing two laptops in the ad.

Of course, this is something that some MacBook Pro users were calling for, or just removing the touch bar completely, because it is useless according to some users.

It is reported that Apple is now planning to redesign the MacBook Pro later this year, with the Touch Bar reportedly being replaced by physical function keys.

In another paragraph of the advertisement, Microsoft is trying to emphasize that the Surface Pro 7 is the best as a gaming device, as the advertisement says “It is a much better gaming device”, which is a strange way to place the famous Microsoft Surface device in the category of gaming devices.

Surface Pro 7 barely runs the latest PC games at acceptable frame rates using an integrated Intel GPU, so it’s not its biggest strength in comparison.

This latest announcement also focuses on the older Surface device, which has now been replaced by Surface Pro 7 Plus for businesses and schools at least. The new model includes a larger battery, 11th generation Intel processors, a removable solid state drive (SSD), and support for 4G LTE connections.

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