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I don’t want violence, my rhetoric was appropriate and a ridiculous attempt to isolate me

US President Donald Trump warned that the steps to hold him accountable raise a great deal of anger and expose the United States to great danger, but he stressed at the same time that he does not want violence.

Trump considered that the parliamentary trial aimed at impeaching him – which is led by Democrats in the House and Senate – is “very absurd,” and said, “This is a continuation of the largest witch hunt in the history of politics.”

Trump said – in statements prior to his departure to Texas – that his speech last week to his supporters before the attack on Congress was “completely appropriate,” stressing that the decision of social media to suspend his accounts was a “catastrophic mistake.”

Trump’s warnings coincided with the US House of Representatives voting again today on a draft resolution presented by Democrats, and Mike Pence, Vice President, calls for activating the 25th amendment of the Constitution to remove the president from office, by declaring him ineligible to perform his duties.

Incitement and rebellion

In parallel with this path, the House of Representatives will hold a session tomorrow, Wednesday, that will consider a draft resolution presented by 3 Democratic lawmakers, accusing Trump of inciting the revolt. This allows the commencement of proceedings for his trial in Congress.

And a prominent Democratic member of the House of Representatives James Claiborne said that the House will vote tomorrow, Wednesday, on the procedures to try the President with the aim of impeaching him, indicating that there are some signs of cooperation from the Republicans, but not from the Senate.

On the other hand, Republican Representative in the House of Representatives Tom Reid said that he will join other lawmakers today to put forward a draft resolution to rebuke Trump, to ensure that accountability is achieved without delay over the attack by his supporters on the Congress building.

The leader of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, had previously proposed alternative options for impeachment measures, which are a draft resolution to reprimand, the establishment of a bipartisan committee to investigate the storming of Congress, and the reform of the electoral screening law that prevents the vice president from making any decision that changes the votes of states, as well as enacting Legislation to boost confidence in future federal elections.

case of emergency

Meanwhile, The Washington Post quoted its sources as saying that the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, is considering resorting to a state of emergency, to invite members of the House to meet before January 19, to vote on Trump’s trial.

The newspaper reported that Democrats are discussing the possibility of moving the trial to the Senate Judicial Committee instead of the Public Authority, to save time, and that President-elect Joe Biden informed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he would focus on his job after the inauguration, and leave her free to deal with the trial.

The sources also said that White House officials do not yet have a plan to deal with the trial battle, and that they are not defending Trump’s behavior before the Senate, but are pressing to let him leave office quietly.

The sources said that Jared Kushner, a Trump advisor, was asking allies in the Senate to argue with Democrats that there was not enough time for the trial process.

Congressional police warn of a rebel plot to besiege Congress buildings, the White House, and the Supreme Court (Getty Images)

Threat to assassinate Democrats

On the security front, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said his priority is to do everything in his power to secure the country from the daily threat and President Trump is in office.

And he added – in an interview with “MSNBC” – that the council also wants to make sure that Trump does not return to political life to threaten the country’s security again.

In the context, the “Huffington Post” website reported that the Congressional police have warned Democratic lawmakers of 3 plans for possible massive demonstrations during the coming days, at a time when preparations are underway for the inauguration of the president-elect next week.

One of the plans includes rebels surrounding the buildings of Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, and then preventing Democrats from entering Congress, and possibly assassinating them, in order for the Republicans to control the government.

Police told Democratic lawmakers – in a private call Monday night – that they were monitoring these plots that could pose a threat to members of Congress.

Scenes from the congressional storming (European)

Huge uprising

The FBI revealed that it had obtained information about a warning issued by an armed group to organize a massive uprising, if Congress agreed to activate the 25th Constitutional Amendment to impeach the president.

According to information published by “ABC” – quoting a bulletin from the FBI – this group plans to go to Washington next Saturday, and incite the storming of courts and federal headquarters, and it is also planning to organize armed protests, starting from Saturday, in front of the headquarters. Legislatures in the fiftieth states, until the day of the inauguration.

The Pentagon authorized the deployment of 15,000 National Guard members to secure the inauguration of the president-elect.

On the other hand, the US news site Axios revealed bipartisan concerns, which it described as sudden shifts in foreign policy led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo days before Trump leaves the White House.

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