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I feel tired and my health is improving and the next few days will be a real test

US President Donald Trump said in a video clip posted on Twitter that he went to the Medical Center (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) and that he was feeling tired but his health was improving, after the announcement yesterday orto Friday, about his and his wife Melania being infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

“I am starting to feel better and the next few days will be a real test,” Trump added, stressing that “work is under way” to restore it to the state it was in before.

He continued, “We will be able to overcome the Corona virus,” stressing that his wife Melania “is in good health and deals with the disease in a good way due to her young age compared to me.”

Trump said, “I did not want to stay in a closed room in the White House, although it was one of the options, and I wanted confrontation, and that is one of the leaders’ characteristics,” adding, “I will return soon and will put the final touches on the election campaign.”

A worrisome situation

On Saturday, a source familiar with Trump’s situation confirmed that his condition had been “extremely worrying” over the past 24 hours, adding that the next 48 hours would be crucial.

The “Associated Press” agency quoted the source – who requested anonymity – that the president received additional oxygen at the White House on Friday before he was transferred to the hospital, and said that the president’s condition was “very worrisome,” but he is improving since he went to the hospital.

In the same context, an informed source told Reuters that Trump “is not yet on a clear path to recover from his infection with the virus,” adding that some of the president’s vital signs during the past 24 hours “were very worrying” and that the next 48 hours will be crucial in terms of his treatment. .

The French Press Agency also quoted an informed source as saying that “the president’s vital functions over the past 24 hours are very worrying, and the next 48 hours will be a minute in terms of his care. We have not yet reached a clear path towards a full recovery.”

The assessment contrasted with a more optimistic picture presented by Trump’s medical team, who said he is breathing well and is not receiving oxygen support in hospital.

Trump’s doctor Sean Conley announced in a brief press conference that the president spent Saturday morning in completely good shape, and said the medical staff was satisfied with his health condition.

Conley added that the coming days will be accurate in determining his condition, noting that he had suffered some fatigue on Friday night.

Is doing well

Earlier on Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he had spoken to Trump and that he seemed fine.

“I just had another helpful call with the president. He looks fine and he’s saying he’s feeling fine,” McConnell wrote on Twitter.

“We talked about people affairs, fighting the epidemic, ratifying the appointment of Judge Amy Barrett, and strengthening the economy for American families,” he added.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Saturday that Trump was “doing well” and that doctors were “very happy with his vital signs.”

Meadows assured reporters that Trump “is moving and not bedridden and asking for documents to review,” adding, “I met him several times today on various matters.”

Postponement of Congressional Action

In the context, McConnell announced, in a statement, to postpone the return of Congress to the general meeting until after 19 October, after he had previously announced that the return would be tomorrow, Monday.

McConnell said that the important work of the committees could continue at the discretion of each committee, adding that the Judicial Committee that will consider appointing Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court, will begin holding its sessions on October 12, according to what was previously announced by the Chairman of the Judicial Committee, Senator Lindsey Graham. .

And in his first reaction to McConnell’s decision, Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Chumer said that the decision to postpone Senate meetings for two weeks after 3 Republicans were confirmed infected with the Corona virus, proves that the House cannot proceed with its work as usual.

He added that if it is very dangerous for the council to hold its sessions, it is also dangerous for the sessions of the council committees to continue.

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