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I never thought of leaving Man City

Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City football manager, who renewed his two-year contract on Thursday, said he had not considered moving to coach another team.

After the contract renewal, the “philosopher” will continue to train Manchester City until at least 2023, after having led the team to 8 titles since he took over as coach in 2016.

Guardiola told reporters on Friday, “I did not think of anywhere else, I was only thinking of staying here.”

“It is not just my decision, but it is also the club’s decision,” he added. “If we felt that this was enough, I would have a rest period.”

“But we had a feeling that there are many things that we can achieve together. We want to continue with what we have done in previous seasons.”

Guardiola’s achievements with Manchester City included his leadership of the Premier League title in 2017 and 2018, but the team was not crowned under his leadership in the Champions League, knowing that Guardiola achieved this achievement during Barcelona training.

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