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‘I want to leave and be with my husband’: Uyghur woman stuck in Xinjiang posts photo refuting Chinese diplomats claims they want to stay

‘I want to leave and be with my husband’: Uyghur woman stuck in Xinjiang posts photo refuting Chinese diplomats claims they want to stay

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  1. Sadly she will probably disappear now

  2. Imagine not having seen your kid even once since his/her birth. Fuck china

  3. The world is a terrible place…

  4. I wonder how decent Chinese people feel about this. I work at a casino in Canada that caters to the Chinese. I have talked to at least one women from China who thinks the protestors in HK are “ridiculous” or something to that affect. Makes you wonder how people like that reconcile their beliefs. She is living in Canada where something like that would never happen.

    There’s just not enough empathy in the world. So many people don’t appreciate how fucking terrible their lives could be if they were born one mile west, one year later, same race but just a little bit darker complexion. You could have just as easily been that person you are mocking right now.

    Kind of like how some of the world’s countries are treating refugees. I don’t blame Americans(they love being the goto example :s )for not wanting tens, hundreds of thousands of refugees entering their country illegally. But so many have an attitude “Well ya I know they are dying in a war zone and a lot of the countries around them are in a war, but why do they have to come here?” If that same person knocked on their door with a gun shot wound I’m certain most of them would let them in their homes and help them. You wouldn’t give them a once over and say “Ya were not really good with gun shots here. Go ask my next door neighbour.”

  5. [This is the full Q&A for anyone interested.](https://www.abc.net.au/qanda/2020-24-02/11983216) It’s a real eye opener.

  6. This is heartbreaking. Can the West not do more? Sanctions?

  7. and that’s the last you’ll ever hear from that person. and that’s not meant to be funny, it isn’t funny

  8. Ms Wumaier? Never heard of her before. She probably never existed.
    – Chinese Government

  9. The Chinese regime are such liars, people totally devoid of honesty and honour. China has 1.4 billion people, but they will hold on to anyone they can torture out of principle.

    Just let them leave China and live their lives in peace.

  10. The saddest part ..is the world doesnt care

  11. We all know they’re not there by choice

  12. Welp! That’s the last we will ever see of her

  13. I’m sure the Cherokees on the trail of tears had similar sentiments.

  14. I wish this woman the best but sadly I feel publicly shaming them won’t end well for her or her family. They don’t play there

  15. It would have been wonderful if the host got the video of the Uighur mother’s practically begging to go to Australia on the screen when Wang Xining repeatedly lied about how they ‘didn’t want to go to Australia’ and ‘the video was fake news created by ABC’. Would’ve been a real cherry on the cake to see his live reaction to the video compared to the audience.

  16. It may be a mistake for China to behave as though they can control what their people believe. They are not having a good year, PR-wise.

  17. If you have Snapchat, click on wuhan province and there is a video of them disinfecting the streets with dead bodies in body bags laying off to the side.

  18. Sadly this is the opinion of many of the Uyghurs being held captive by Chinese officials. There needs to be an international response to this, liberate those people just as we did in Auschwitz.

  19. Communist party is truly evil entity. Just google about forced organs harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners ((

  20. Did this guy just kill his family with a tweet?

  21. Yeah, I think her comment was just a mix up in translation.

    She totally wants to stay.

  22. Concentration camps, viral pandemic, annexations of islands… she will disappear for sure. They don’t mess around.

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