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I was the real coach for 17 years

Serbian Zeljko Povac, former German assistant Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, decided to break his silence, revealing the secret of the two men’s relationship, which ended after 17 years of a successful journey in the world of the charming tournament.

Bovac added that Klopp’s success was “attributed to his role”, and revealed that he had not blessed Klopp for winning the Champions League and Premier League titles.

And Bouvach – whom Klopp used to call “the mind” – suddenly left Liverpool in April 2018, and Klopp or his former assistant did not reveal the reasons for breaking a friendship, relationship and success story of more than 17 years, which began with the German teams Mainz and Dortmund, and moved to Liverpool.

The two men achieved many successes with Dortmund (Getty Images)

The departure of the most famous shadow man in the world of tournament witches raised – at the time – many questions about how Klopp and the players would react. But what happened after it was surprising, as the team became stronger, winning the Champions League in 2019 and the Premier League last year.

In a rare interview, Bovac, 56, who works as a sports director for Dynamo Moscow, decided to talk about his relationship with Klopp, which is still tense until now.

Bovach – who was said to have left the “Anfled” to make his way in the world of training, but ended up as a sports director – admitted that he did not congratulate Klopp on his leadership of the “Reds” for his first title in the Premier League in 30 years, and confirmed that he was a joy for the players, the administration, the fans and the city.

Bovac added that he sought to become a sports director “after he was the real coach for 17 years,” referring to his tenure with Klopp.

He explained, “I was doing all the jobs of the coach, except for talking to the media and appearing in interviews. I was making plans and urging players to win and win titles. I was not looking for the spotlight.”

He continued, “I do not want to be a coach now. If Barcelona offers me his training, I will think about the matter otherwise, I will refuse; I have been given a lot of training offers, but I refused them, I will not reveal the names of these teams.”

After Bovac’s departure, Klopp asked for the help of the Dutchman, Pep Leenders, 37, to be his assistant.

It is noteworthy that Leenders was in the coaching team of FC Porto and PSV.

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