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I will not take any vaccine against Corona if Trump recommends it

Senator Kamala Harris, chosen by Democratic candidate for the White House elections, Joe Biden, condemned the position of Vice President, during her only debate against a deputy Mike Pence The President, in the manner in which the administration of President Donald Trump has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis, considering it the “biggest failure” in American history.

“The Americans were witnesses to the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” Harris said at the start of the debate.

But Pence responded by accusing Harris of “undermining the confidence” of Americans with a possible vaccine against the emerging corona virus, and Pence said, addressing Harris, “The fact that you continue to undermine the public’s confidence in a vaccine, if it is produced during the Trump administration, is unreasonable.”

Pence’s statement came in response to Harris’s saying during the debate hosted by Salt Lake City, that she will not take any anti-virus vaccine if recommended by Trump.

The senator from California said, “If the doctors tell us that we should take it, I will be the first to stand in line to take it, but if Trump tells us that we should take it, I will not take it.”

The debate also dealt with a number of current issues, including, in particular, the economic effects of the Corona pandemic, health care, racism, police violence, and US foreign policy, whose questions focused especially on dealing with the Iranian nuclear program and the trade conflict with China.

And this debate was of exceptional importance, because Biden is 77 years old, which means that Harris, a California senator and the first woman of color to run for office, must prove the ability to assume presidential powers in the event that Biden for some reason is unable to continue. His duties if he wins the presidency.

Ahead of the debate, the latest polls expected Biden to win, as CNN indicated that the Democrat is outperforming his opponent by 57% compared to 41% among potential voters.

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