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Ice rink being turned into morgue in Spain’s Madrid as bodies pile up due to coronavirus pandemic

Ice rink being turned into morgue in Spain’s Madrid as bodies pile up due to coronavirus pandemic

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  1. Our local ice rink (in uk) has been requisitioned by the government and told to keep the cooling on. Looks like this is the plan across the board now.

  2. This is the kind of thing you see in movies. How foolish I was when the outbreak started, thinking that this was just going to be like SARS1.

  3. I cant imagine how Canadians would handle that headline in our country. Even knowing that’s happening somewhere in the world right now makes me feel sick.

  4. Well, that’s the worst thing I will read all day.

    *… I hope.*

  5. This is my local mall. It’s where we buy clothes, food and has a massive food court, gaming center and movie theater. It’s gonna be really hard to go back after this. When I used to teach we would take our students to go skating at the rink in Palacio de Hielo. Fuck.

  6. I’m from northern Italy, I thought I’ve read everything sad in the last few weeks… but this is heartbreaking.

  7. Damn, dude. I remember hearing that ice rinks were ideal places for mass storage, but until now it’s always been theoretical. A quote-unquote “fun” fact, designed to stump you, and, well, introduce you to thinking outside the box.

    But actually *seeing* it… shit.

  8. For some reason I believe we have seen nothing yet.

  9. And i shit you not Americans still aren’t taking this seriously.

    I’ve been on a crusade of calling fb idiots out who are spreading misinformation. In the past week I have responded to:

    _only 400 americans infected_ when we were already at 4000 from an woman who works in a retirement home!

    _the mortality rate is less than the flu_ and when I gave statistics and sources the dude said _yeah right!_

    And _people had this in January and didnt know it dont let the media put you in a frenzy_ and when I gave her shit she tried to double back and say she was taking it seriously. Her other friend mentioned how her her family did likely already have it and her husband is still suffering lung issues months later.

  10. This is a 21st century (& positive) alternative to a mass grave; allowing the time needed for the situation to clear up and giving the families the opportunity to burry their loved ones with the respect and honor they deserve.

  11. As a Canadian the Ice Rink is one of my favourite places to be. This hurts me to my core.

  12. Was really hoping this was a false rumor when I heard tell of it. Now I see the story . Good lord. Heaven help us all.

  13. i could of sworn i have seen this in a movie or a tv show, the scene was a female medical examiner (Scottish accent) consulting with panicking government officials as the bodies kept coming in and laid out in body bags some green some black on the ice hundreds eventually.

    could have been a weird dream i don’t know

  14. Some families are also putting off burials here in the US as to allow for larger gatherings after the pandemic. You have to do something with the bodies, regardless of the cause of death. I wonder if we could see enforced cremations. Probably won’t get that bad, but it’s a possibility.

  15. This is actually a contingency plan for a lot of ice rinks. My university is a big hockey school (that’s our school’s sport, we don’t have a football team) and when i attended there was a bad outbreak of norovirus. I was an RA at the time and we were given a little insight as to procedures that would take place in worst case scenarios. Using the ice rink to stack body bags on was a procedure in a worst case scenario.

  16. Incorporating the use of ice facilities in an emergency plan is not uncommon for municipalities. It’s grim but efficient.

  17. Can someone explain this to me. Nearly 500,000 people die in Spain every year. How is it possible that the death are services are not able to handle just a few hundred people from this virus?

    Serious question! Does anyone know why these extraordinary lengths are necessary?

  18. Going to be the most haunted ice rink ever

  19. Real talk can anyone speak to how sensationalist this is? Is the death rate actually all that high or is it that the general lack of infrastructure for dead bodies under normal circumstances means even a tiny % of the local pop dying suddenly would overburden it and cause worse issues so they do this as a precaution in case it spikes?

  20. people downtalking italy like it is some 3d world country,so spain is too right

  21. So… Beer league cancelled then?

  22. But it’s just the flu … right? /s

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