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‘If the govt doesn’t fix it, we will’: Brazil’s gangs impose night-time curfews in Rio’s slums

‘If the govt doesn’t fix it, we will’: Brazil’s gangs impose night-time curfews in Rio’s slums

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  1. >“Attention all residents of Rio das Pedras, Muzema and Tijuquinha! Curfew from 8pm today. Whoever is seen on the street after this time will learn to respect the next one,” one threatening message reads.

    >“We want the best for the population. If the government does not have the capacity to fix it, organized crime will solve it,” reads another.

    >Brazil’s government, or indeed Rio’s municipal government, has yet to impose a curfew.

  2. Reminds of the movie, “M,” in which the Berlin underworld joins the authorities in a hunt for a child-killer.

  3. Everyone saying cool until the first curfew breaker gets brutally beaten or murdered.

  4. This is not a success, or something anyone should be praising. This not only shows that the government is failing dismally to contain the disease, but also to contain rampant organised crime as well.

  5. Yeah, hopefully Reddit understands that this is far from a good thing. Unsupervised gangsters can blackmail anyone they ‘find’ for money or just rob them under duress, and not just people violating a non-existent curfew, but any of their enemies that they drag out of their favelas into the street or someone who went to throw the trash.

    Not to mention people going to get medications/food/to hospitals and so forth.

  6. Brazilian from Rio here. Yes this is true, in many communities not only this ones listed. You have to understand that half of the Brazilians are not taking the pandemic seriously (even our President), and that we dont have a health care system capable of holding the shitshow that corona will be here. Not only that, but the anti-flu vaccination for thr elderly is happening right now, and yes, the elderly are going to the clinics and not following the “distance parameters” given to them. These guys are keeping the population inside the houses, if by good or bad, you decide.

  7. We have the Taliban saying they wont kill doctors and Brazillian gangs enforcing self imposed curfews “for the greater good”

    What fucking timeline is 2020

  8. Yup, this proves we all died in 2012.

  9. Reminds me of those “anti-cartel” militias in Mexico who just serves to get rid those who pays them of the competition.

  10. Skeptical because of the source. Careful what you believe y’all.

  11. The most brutal gore videos come from Brazil, they kill family members in front of each other slowly, they’re worse than ISIS videos – they’re sub humans.

    These are the absolute last people who should be enforcing any sort of policy on the general public. And god help Brazil if things start to collapse and civil unrest spreads.

  12. Why does RT report on anything but Russia?

    That doesn’t look suspicious at all.

  13. These thugs are going to torture and murder people. This is not a good thing. Ive seen the videos they release. I’ve seen them murder literal children. Ive seen them shoot a 9 year old girl in the face. Murder a mother in front of her kids. Put the beating, living heart of a father on the chest of his still living son. They are sadistic murderers.

    Criminal Gangs don’t have to answer to anyone. There is no evidence that they will show restraint and their threat will likely be enforced at the end of a gun. They should have a swat team come down on them in response to this threat.

  14. Some Brazillian gangs will order crackheads to smoke crack in supervised crack areas, and don’t let the dealers and users do whatever the hell they want. I’m sure there are tons of unscrupulous crack dealers selling in every place though.

  15. The fact people are upvoting RT is proof that Reddit users are about as intelligent as they think other social media users are.

  16. If you can’t trust a Brazilian street gang, who can you trust?

  17. is this Chaotic Lawful? Sure they’ll help enforce the curfew, but it seems more like instead of giving you a stern warning, they’ll just take you home and rob you for being stupid.

  18. How nice of them, would be great if they could stop killing. Stealing, raping, etc

  19. Translation: Brazil’s gangs could have stopped Brazil’s murder rate any time they wanted to.

  20. Brasil is literally ancapistan and the gringos cant change my mind

  21. Russian Today is not a reliable news source even if this article is true.

  22. Well, well, well, how the turntables…

  23. has anyone found a non-rt source for this other than the quoted tweet?

  24. Let us remember this is coming from the international propaganda arm of the Russian media. Not saying I disagree but still.

  25. Hollywood stars being presidents, gangbanger vigilantes, idiots partying during pandemics. I ducking hate 2020…

  26. And that’s a good idea how? What happens if it’s someone confused or elderly who refuses to go in? Or someone with Tourette’s or autism and they don’t know?

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